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Research - New Topographics

New Topographics is a style of photography coined by American photographer William Jenkins in 1975. It is a form of landscape photography focusing on urban and industrial America with early work stemming from photographers such as Robert Adams, Stephen Shore and Lewis Baltz. 240 more words


Stephen Shore: The Giverny Portfolio

Being shown as a complement to the Claude Monet’s Secret Garden exhibition was an entire series of twenty-five photographs by Stephen Shore. Shore had been commissioned by New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art to document major restorations to these gardens and he made several trips to Monet’s garden between 1977 and 1982. 299 more words

Research And Reflection

Reflection Point

Reflection point

• Where does that leave the photographer? As storyteller or history writer?

• Do you tend towards fact or fiction?

• How could you blend your approach? 384 more words

Part 5

Project 3 : Reportage

Research point

Do some research into contemporary street photography. Helen Levitt, Joel Meyerowitz, Paul Graham, Joel Sternfeld and Martin Parr are some good names to start with, but you may be able to find further examples for yourself. 652 more words


on flyfish and photography

“I enjoy the camera. Beyond that it is difficult to explain the process of photographing except by analogy: The trout streams where I flyfish are cold and clear and rich in the minerals that promote the growth of stream life. 111 more words

On Photography

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore’s Uncommon Places is another work that our course manual delves into. The work consists of photos taken by Shore on various road trips between 1973 and 1976.  343 more words

Research And Reflection

Christopher Johnstone and Maxime St-Jean: Remakes

“Our project is a satirical and ironic look at art, and specifically photography in the form of theatrical sketches.  It is a comment and acknowledgment on what is popular, discussed and studied in contemporary photography.” – Christopher Johnstone and Maxime St-Jean on the video… 17 more words