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5 Minute Video: Photographer Stephen Shore & the Immediate Experience: 2:52

“I was interested in taking pictures that stripped away the artifice of visual convention. I wanted a more immediate experience so what I did as an excercise for myself, I paid attention to what it was like to see things”


L'arte di Stephen Shore

di Sabrina Ragucci

[Questo articolo è uscito sul «manifesto»].

L’intera opera di Stephen Shore ricorda quello che disse Jean-Luc Godard (Moi, je suis une image) “Esisto più come immagine che come essere reale, poiché la mia unica vita consiste nel farne (…) Non ti interessi al mangiare, allo sport… E io dico: mi interessa ed è importante per me filmare il mangiare!”. 80 more words

Sabrina Ragucci

Landscape- Exercise 2:3- Typologies

To begin with, we had to read Sean O’Hagan’s article entitled New Topographics: photographs that find beauty in the banal and watch a video of Lewis Baltz discussing his work. 299 more words


Vivian Maier: Self-Portraits


Having briefly looked at the bizarre story of how Vivian Maier’s work became public (here) I want to look specifically at the published collection of her self portraits as part of my research into assignment 3. 1,657 more words

Research And Reflection

Trying New Things : Adelaide Road Trip

I recently took a trip to see the Trent Parke exhibition in Radelaide. The trip itself was to act as a bit of a “reset” button. 952 more words

Street Photography

Assignment 2 - Self Assessment

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

My first submission for Assignment 1 included a number of weak compositions and whilst I hope that this was addressed in the re-work of that assignment ( 856 more words

Research And Reflection