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Note on Stephen Shore's ideas

This post was supposed to be about Walker Evans’ Subway series, but I got diverted by a couple of Vimeo clips on Stephen Shore talking about his series… 230 more words

Fact or Fiction

At the beginning of the fifth and last chapter of the course we are challenged with a series of questions regarding our photographic practice; Do you tend towards fact or fiction? 2,435 more words


Five Masters of Photography that You Should Follow on Instagram

Instagram has quickly grown into a massive social network. With about 500 million active users taking photographs everyday and sharing them with so many different purposes, it is hard not to feel lost while looking for something interesting to see and think about. 841 more words

Claudia Pretelin

A4 Research: Mark Power 26 Different Endings

When I first looked at Mark Power’s 26 Different Endings in March 2015 (here and here) I was primarily interested in how he approached composition and looking back now I realise how much I took from the way in which he gives the viewer space to enter and explore his photographs. 1,302 more words

Research & Reflection

A4 Research: Photography in the Digital Age

Photography has always had an unavoidable, arguably symbiotic relationship with science and technology; the development of processes to capture light and fix an image on substrate materials parallels scientific and technological advancement whilst scientists and technologists have been prime users of photography in the advancement of their own fields. 1,806 more words

Research & Reflection

Time And The Photograph

Physicists today will describe Time as an entropic process. The passage of time and the direction of time, what some call Time’s Arrow, is governed by chaos. 360 more words


A3 Research: Stephen Shore, Luzzara

I studied some of Stephen Shore’s Luzzara (1) photographs on line as part of my research for assignment 3 but have held off writing about them until the newly published book of the series arrived. 1,954 more words

Research & Reflection