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Cincinnati Bell App Update: Marco Polo

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words Marco Polo? For me, it’s the game most of us played in our youth of the same name. 63 more words

Barmy Army Refuse To Sign New Contract With Cricket Australia

This summer’s Ashes tour is under threat after the Barmy Army pulled out of its contract with Cricket Australia demanding higher alcohol content in its beer and shorter hours of sunlight. 279 more words


An App to Enhance OCD Treatment - nOCD

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Stephen Smith, the face behind the app known as nOCD. I was impressed with Stephen’s intelligence, enthusiasm, and passion as he explained why he created this app and how it acts as an effective supplement to therapy  for those who are battling obsessive-compulsive disorder. 186 more words

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Cincinnati Bell App Update: Invasion of the BOTS

Have you heard about the invasion of the BOTS?

You probably use them a lot but simply didn’t know their classification name.  It could be an automated weather forecast, or a voice system used for ordering food online. 60 more words

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Interview: Predator Apps and Sexual Abuse of Teen

Following the kidnapping of a teen girl and her subsequent sexual abuse — WLWT produced the following story regarding how predators might prey on children using social media apps.

40,000 Tinder Users Shutter To Think

How many times have you uploaded photos to Facebook and thought, “how does this app know that pic is of weird Uncle Charlie?” Perhaps you wondered briefly and then went about the business of uploading your child’s birthday party pics, or last weekend’s barbecue. 875 more words

Yellow: Tinder For Your Teen?

Did you ever stop for a moment and consider how media has consumed our lives and that of our children? From cable TV, Sirius XM Radio, Hulu, Netflix, Instagram, Pandora, YouTube and Alexa, we seem unable to function without a window to the “Hollywood curated” external world. 1,089 more words

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