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Hi Everyone,

Today we started with a review of prepositions, which can be confusing and frustrating! Prepositions are words that connect words to show location, time or some other relationship between the words. 507 more words

Big Five Today: Activities

Choose an inspirational artist of today and #justDraw like them! Tag to be featured…

Judith Scott: Wrap and weave
Find an everyday object and weave round it to create forms and shapes. 153 more words


Şase oameni cu ''super-puteri'' care i-au pus în dilemă pe oamenii de ştiinţă

Indiferent dacă sunt savanţi care pot să picteze o capodoperă legaţi la ochi, genii care pot să efectueze calcule complicate pe care doar computerele pot să le realizeze sau persoane care îşi amintesc fiecare detaliu din vieţile lor, oamenii cu abilităţi speciale par să fie numeroşi în societate. 1,304 more words

Stiati Ca ... ?

The Human Camera

Just watching ‘The Human Camera’ on ABC2, a documentary about Stephen Wiltshire, a 33 year old autistic man with an extraordinary talent as he draws a panorama of London from memory after taking a 15min helicopter ride. 78 more words

Dina Designs Blog

Autism and creativity

I find creativity an exciting topic; don’t we all wish we were that bit more insightful! I have already posted on creativity and mental health… 442 more words


Three More Tips For Drawing And Painting From Memory Alone

Although I’ve written about how to draw and paint from memory before, I was randomly looking at articles on BBC News a few months ago when I happened to stumble across… 830 more words


Stephen Wiltshire: A View of the World

While doing some research this week, I fortuitously rediscovered the art of Stephen Wiltshire. I still vividly remember as a child, only a year older than Stephen himself, watching his uncanny ability to recreate architectural detail in the 1986 QED documentary… 517 more words