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Old Times are not Forgotten

On the eastern side of Mt Cheaha in north central Alabama sits the town of Delta.  Not so much a town, but a simple crossroads like many communities that sprinkle this part of Alabama.  1,026 more words


Fantasy Review: 'Godblind' by Anna Stephens

Imagine if you will your favorite surprises or shocking moments from book or film. We don’t learn who Soze really is until the film’s final scene. 539 more words


Fostering the joy of learning Chinese language

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St Stephen’s School teacher Ms Goh Ka Bee using animations in her Chinese language class to help students internalise the lesson content. (Photo: St Stephen’s School) 357 more words

Current Affairs

Stephens, Kristof, and Collins

In “‘The Flight 93 Election’ Crashes Again” Mr. Stephens says to a certain kind of conservative, last fall’s was “the Flight 93 election.” Perhaps it was, but not as they intended.   2,589 more words


Stephens and Collins

Well, the Times has a new op-ed dude, Bret Stephens.  In “How Trump May Save the Republic” he tries to convince us that we are protected, for the time being, by the president’s stupidity.   1,717 more words


Women's College Launches Varsity Esports Program for Student Overwatch Team

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Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, is the first all-women’s school to announce a varsity esports program, supported with scholarships. 412 more words