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Blending the truth - Mother's day as a Steppy

It’s said that everyone has a story someone else will read. I never believed that I would ever be writing about what I feel is my mundane, day to day life. 454 more words


Telling the Kids

Thankfully, our parents accepted our relationship better than we expected. Our next biggest challenge was of course the children. Luckily I already knew them due to being friends with Jon for a while and also from when I used to ‘babysit’ early in the year. 188 more words


I'm 19 dating a 38 year old. What will my parents say?

So, I’ve just got into a relationship with a good friend of mine. I’m 20, he’s 38. He’s married! (seperated). He has 3 children…. Oh Shit! 408 more words


Introduction - Who Am I/Who are we?

My names Emma, I’m 23 years old dating a 42-year-old divorced dad of 3 boys.

Firstly, let me introduce you to the family…

There’s me, Emma (23). 73 more words


Mother of the Year

Hey Heifer,

We’ve known each other for some time now and I’ve been taking care of your kids as my own, while you refuse to acknowledge my existence and, flat out, hide when you see me. 376 more words

Episode 1 - the first post

I sit here typing, not at my adorable little writing desk, but in my lounge. On a cushion. On the floor. By the coffee table. Why? 214 more words

Being The Other Mother

As a stepmother myself  I have found over the years that stepmums can be given a bit of a hard time.  Everyone has their own opinion on how you should behave as a stepmum and what your responsibilities are and quite frankly half the time you can’t do right for doing wrong.  811 more words