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Happy early birthday H!

The past year and a bit has flown by since we first met. You’ve changed sooo much – you’re taller (up to my boobs already at 5!). 234 more words



Dear H,

It’s Friday evening and you’re tucked up in bed upstairs.

Your dad and I have just had an argument about your mum.

Your mum, or you, are the centre of most of our arguments. 683 more words


A pair of little, sleepy brown eyes is the first thing I see every morning that my step son wakes up at our place.

Trying not to wake his dad – who is, without fail, enjoying a sleep in – Brody visits my side of the bed and whispers: “Good morning Mummy Marissa”.

430 more words

Becoming The Extra Mum

It’s 9pm on a Saturday night.

Lights are dim, toys are scattered and a seven-year-old is sound asleep in bed.

I cuddle up to my fiancée in front of the TV as we talk about how well our boy played during today’s soccer match. 542 more words


Blending the truth - Mother's day as a Steppy

It’s said that everyone has a story someone else will read. I never believed that I would ever be writing about what I feel is my mundane, day to day life. 454 more words

Blended Family

Telling the Kids

Thankfully, our parents accepted our relationship better than we expected. Our next biggest challenge was of course the children. Luckily I already knew them due to being friends with Jon for a while and also from when I used to ‘babysit’ early in the year. 188 more words