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Autonomy: (n) freedom from external control or influence; independence

The trouble with what I think is that it comes from my thoughts.

Very limited.

So over the years, I have pondered the difference between… 346 more words

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Automatic: (adj) a device or process working by itself with little or no direct human control.

Racing to escape the wilderness of political correctness and stumbling into the jungle of free speech, let me state clearly for all time:  … 426 more words

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Quote for the day - Wednesday June 24

“Steppenwolf knows well enough why he is unhappy and drifting, bored and tired; it is because he will not recognise his purpose and follow it with his whole being”.

Colin Wilson, The Outsider


A courtesan of fairly good taste

So I always had a soft spot for Hermann Hesse, because he was bipolar and I am too. And his life was full of sad and tough and prosaic things, and sometimes wonderful things, and he wrote such nice books and won the Nobel Prize in literature. 1,435 more words