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Are Todays Politicians Merely The Shameless Whores Of Corporate Canada?

I believe that what is happening and has been happening in Canadian politics at the federal, provincial and civic levels of government tells me that  Canadian politicians are  not just simply out of step with Canadians on key issues.  1,715 more words

It Is Hard For Canadian Soldiers To Fight A War Abroad When Our Government Is The Enemy Within

I believe that it would be very difficult  for our young men and women to win a war in a foreign country if they had to fight an enemy from within their own country at the same time. 1,509 more words

The Only Enemy Within Our Ranks Is The Harper Government

I believe that the Harper government is the enemy within our ranks. This  strong stable majority government that is being led by Stephen Harper is in my opinion solely responsible and guilty for attacking and weakening our military from within by: 1,519 more words

Yes I Have Something To Say About The 300 School Girls Abducted In Nigeria

Rene Silva  commented on a post I wrote recently and asked me a question, so here is the comment and the question,  “300 schoolgirls have been abducted in Nigeria. 1,256 more words