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some thoughts on simplicity

When I first began to think about reducing the excess in our life in order to embrace simplicity and gain more time for the things that are important, the task seemed daunting and nearly impossible in many ways. 940 more words


The Procrastination List Revisited

My recent encounter with the common housefly – several of them, to be more precise – has made me think of the other things I’ve put off and why. 323 more words

Stephanie Nickel

6 Ways to Do What You Don't Wanna

As I sit here anticipating my workout, I find myself conflicted. I wanna go, but I don’t. Have you ever felt that way about something you needed to do? 184 more words

Stephanie Nickel

Too Busy?

I’m too busy to exercise?

Remember what I said about working more efficiently and thinking more clearly? (When my three were young, I got into the habit of working out every morning. 431 more words

Stephanie Nickel

Simply Finish

Deadlines are amazing! Well, at least I think they are…especially externally-imposed ones.

I needed that impending deadline to complete the requirements for my doula certification program to motivate me to make the last big push to get everything done. 357 more words

Stephanie Nickel

The Shrinking To Do List

It seems self-evident: If we want a simpler life, we need to put fewer things on our To Do list. However, this crazy thing called commonsense, isn’t so common. 471 more words

Stephanie Nickel

Tips for Achieving Your Goals

1. Gain a clear grasp on our goals. If you don’t, you’ll never know if you’re getting close to achieving them.

2. Put your goals down on paper…or tucked away on a computer file. 243 more words

Stephanie Nickel