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Two PM on a Tuesday; The Journey Begins

“Two shots ripped through my groin and I was off on the adventure of a lifetime.”

Without fail my grandfather would say this line before every road trip, just as we pulled out of the driveway.  113 more words


Rhythmmemory + Tartufi = Wednesday Night Dude

Hey, we’re playing a show at the Belltower on Wednesday (4/6) with this band called Tartufi.  Tartufi, which my Mom defines as ‎”Italian style chocolate rum truffle rolled in toasted nuts,” is this great duo from San Francisco.   96 more words


The best things in life are free

You want our demo… that’s what you want.

Good folks of the internet, here is the Robotmania!Moonwalk! demo 2009. Completely free and in beautiful 320 kps mp3 format. 43 more words

Musee Mecanique

Oh the joys of the age of modernity that was. Sean Ogilvie and Micah Rabwin of Musee Mecanique are touring with Laura Gibson, and I talked to them after their Friday night performance. 48 more words


The watery blue indie jazz of Jubilee began in Seattle with Steve Harden’s love for drums and wee-hour talks about life-stuff. “One of our conclusions was that, regardless of what art is, gains a voice,” Harden told me, “that’s part and parcel to the whole thing.” Jubilee was started with the self-conscious purpose of sayin’ somethin’ good and fighting slavery. 102 more words