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Don't assume if you don't have to.. The Amish

The two teenaged girls tiptoe through the endless aisles of the American supermarket Walmart. The store is bursting of cheap everyday products, kilos of ready-made foods presented in colourful labels. 869 more words

Amandla Stenberg

Underneath it All

Give me a world full of truth and honesty

Cause honestly it’s hard for me to wrap my head around how chronically

Lies are told and we follow it around so robotically… 334 more words


Sorry Not Sorry


“We are just existing. We’re not really contributing to society,” Alexis Bloomer, millennial who hates millennials, said in her rant apologizing to our elders for our terrible generation.

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The homeless deserve the same basic joys.

Homelessness is a problem in America, which you should know by now, after reading the other wonderful posts on this page. In a society that is driven by materialism, it can be hard for someone who has nothing to feel a sense of worth. 125 more words


Women Always Lie?

I am a bit perturbed, having read no less than six articles with that very same title, “women always lie.” Well of course women lie, women are actually people. 1,053 more words

Canada, Keep Telling America It's Great

Having lived in Canada for my entire life, I’ve always raised an eyebrow at the “Canadians are so polite” stereotype. I mean, sure, we’re nice—one time the cashier at Tim Hortons “accidentally” made my mom a medium tea and charged her for a small, and another time I ran into a moose on my way home from school and it complimented my snow shoes (kidding). 377 more words


Diversity Talk

Rishi Mutalik is a junior at Bard College, majoring in political studies and theatre. On campus, he hosts a podcast called Compelling Conversations and he has interned for journalist Soledad O’Brien at her company Starfish Media Group, which aims to tell the stories of marginalized communities. 1,086 more words