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7 Types Of People You Will Probably Meet In Community College

Community college is the melting pot of diversity for people who come from different walks of life. Even in my small corner of the Earth, I was able to experience a real mash up of individuals not really sure what they are seeking, but still congregating daily at an institution with as little instruction as possible. 1,333 more words

Teaching Positive Masculinity

Mr. Courtney Robinson, Dean of Students at Facing History High School, has established male-oriented programs in New York that teach models of maleness, change the way men think about their masculinity. 230 more words


The Impact of Society 

Being a teenage girl is hard today. Especially being one of color with a hard background. I am not one to dwell on race. But I have found myself frightened to admit I like a white boy in fear of my friends teasing me or him saying he doesn’t like black girls. 311 more words


She's so lovely...

A couple of weeks ago we sorted out some boxes to go in the loft and in a dusty corner of said loft I spotted my old CD collection. 791 more words

What makes someone boring?

Okay, so this is a bit of a rant. I was once described as boring. Perhaps from an outside view I am, but that is not a word I’d use to describe myself, nor did I ever think close friends or family would use, nevertheless it did happen, it’s left me to think about how I see myself. 181 more words


A Day in the Life of a Canadian, Eh?

By Jennah M.

Canada is very well known for its extreme weather, and its overuse of the word “eh,” but there is a lot more to it than most think. 658 more words


What your Underwear REALLY Means

Don’t talk about it. If nobody talks about it, it doesn’t exist. If you do talk about, it should only be in a group of friends. 442 more words