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I’ve written before about how I don’t understand the who cares less game that dating currently revolves around. I used to always answer my texts as soon as I read them and would get frustrated if someone else didn’t. 471 more words


The Answer is Undefined

The Answer is Undefined: Rejecting Clean-cut Stereotypical Classifications Concerning Behaviors of Women

Jeez. That was a mouthful and a little bit scary.

Let’s start with talking about talking. 2,263 more words


Black and Foreign ...My Experience

In my every day life, for as long as I could remember being black was a confusing concept….for me at least. I remember being in elementary school, in NY and heavily using Ebonics. 1,002 more words


Short Hair, I Kinda Care

If you know me, you know that I recently chopped all of my hair off. Early January I had long, flowing, ombré locks that fell down my back. 404 more words

How to Get Your Ass Whipped (For Free)

Do you have a creepy whip fetish, but no cash to rush off and watch the new Fifty Shades of Grey film?
No problem! All you need is a single dedicated equestrian in your life, and you can get your fantasies… 715 more words



Recognition of difference – at even the most primitive level between the ‘self’ and the ‘object’ – is controlled by our projection of ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ onto the Other. 109 more words


I am not the girl you are looking for

If a waistline defines beauty, I’m not beautiful
If the arc on ones face defines sharpness,  I’m not sharp
If the way I carry my clothes draws you,  I’m not attractive… 155 more words