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Insights | New Brazilian Stereotypes

There’s a lot I / Americans in general don’t know about Brazil, but in an effort to avoid a long-winded rant about the lack of exposure given to Brazilian news or history in the U.S., I will instead just share 5 new stereotypes I’ve formed about Brazilians since coming here. 589 more words

Be Happy

The girl who bought ripped jeans

So today i bought my first pair of ripped jeans, not the over excessive ones but with slits at the knees that you can barely see, except for when i bend my knees. 539 more words

How to be PC & Avoid Touchy Subjects

Being PC is all the rage. These days we try not to step on each other’s toes. We know not to say the bad words. We know that we should bleep them out of even our thoughts. 326 more words


Breaking free barriers

This world is full of


no peace is there to be found.

We are separated,

by barriers across,

divisions are all around.

There are barriers, 185 more words


What makes you say that?

Today I spoke with Professor Molly Babel of UBC. Our conversation was about interaction, and how we create predictions and expectations when we meet people. These predictions and expectations can help us to get on the same “wavelength” as our conversation partner, or they can make us “tune-out” before we’ve even heard them speak. 1,989 more words


Does My Head Look Big in This - Randa Abdel-Fattah

When I started this book, I found myself regularly put off, or distanced from the story line for two reasons. Firstly, the young-teenage-girlisms were, for me, often a bit too cliche and made me cringe! 193 more words