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The Impoverished Need Us (to Get Out of the Way)

I was really encouraged by this piece on the New York Times earlier this week highlighting the Family Independence Initiative.

The Initiative works to provide families living in poverty with their own means of improving their lives. 743 more words

Social Change

Rhetoric from a drowning heart

…. and I think we should take down all the Confederate monuments and put them in museums or some type of memorialized area, out of public view.   380 more words

Typisch Deutsch

As featured on the DAAD Study in Germany blog

On the second week of my summer course, each student had to give a speech on a topic they considered ‘Typisch Deutsch’. 511 more words


Gender Roles in Fairy Tales

Preface: A recent class I took regarding writing, interpreting, and understanding fairy tales was the motivation for this piece. My instructor asked me “Would the gender stereotypes and differences of men and women in fairy tales relate and carry over to the real world?” I never got around to submitting a good answer to him, so this is my way of answering it even though the class has ended at this point. 1,402 more words

Random Ramblings

The Abscondita Effect

Maggie has a uniform.

It was her only request when she started working with us.  We agreed and had some made, including aprons.

My father in law is a mechanic, so he spends a lot of time on overalls. 659 more words


Stéréotypes européens

Traduire n’est pas un copier-coller d’une  langue à l’autre. Chaque langue et culture a différentes manières de communiquer, certaines sont plus directes et vont droit au but, d’autres aiment les longs discours fleuris. 18 more words

Cultural Observations

Hollywood Roundup XXXIX

The Back-up Plan (2010): Latina marries European male with ex-girlfriend and token Afropean male friend.

Marry Me (2010): East Asian female has one European and 2 Ameropean (Mestizo) suitors. 318 more words