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Because I Love You

It was the newest Vegan cafe in a Balinese touristy town. People were flocking to check it out, colourful paint, thatched roof, urban warehouse meets tropical island haven. 331 more words


Colliding headfirst with the stereotype...should I rethink these choices?

I am often amazed with how easily one can actually collide head first into a stereotype.  I truly do not believe anyone is immune to this collision.   705 more words


How Culture Shapes our Assumptions

Did you see the interview with the Korea expert, from his home office, where his children come into the room? Who did you think the woman was who frantically pulled them out? 8 more words


Your Fat Acceptance Is Causing My Thin Shaming

One of the most ironic interactions I have on a weekly basis involves an overweight individual telling me that I’m too thin. I’m scorned for wearing a t-shirt that displays my bony arms, shorts that uncover my nubby knees, or a bathing suit that reveals my ribs. 488 more words

Do Students' Racist And Sexist Stereotypes Affect Your Teaching?

Note: this blog post was originally published on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Vitae (here)Dr. Manya Whitaker is an assistant professor of education at Colorado College and a… 1,260 more words

Teaching And Mentoring

Pink Camouflage

by Carson M.

For thousands of years both men and women have chosen to participate in hunting, whether it be for leisure or survival. In the past hunting served as a means of survival, providing food, clothing, shelter, and goods for trade. 526 more words