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Disability Myths and Why They are Harmful

I cannot even begin to fathom the number of times I have seen a post shared regarding disability. This post, among other ridiculous things, claims that people can easily get disability for being “crazy” or for a fake back injury. 474 more words

Mental Health

I'ma Give You a Piece of My Mind...(Then I'm going to need that back)

I’m feeling some type of way y’all. One of my pet peeves is being put in a box. No, not literally. I wish somebody would… 527 more words

Faith Simone

Midweek Mindfulness: Real yoga for real bodies

In honor of National Yoga Month a few thoughts on what it really means to practice yoga based on what I learned living and studying in India.  17 more words


5 Stereotypes Everyone Has About Vegans

1. They look down on everyone who eats animal products.

While veganism means consciously choosing to eliminate all animal products from your diet, that doesn’t mean every vegan is going to guilt everyone around them for eating a string cheese. 258 more words

Fun With Food

The Honest Truth

One part of Malaysian culture that has been hard for me to adjust to is the aspect of saying whatever you think, whenever you want. For example, in America if someone has maybe gained a few pounds or looks tired one morning, we would never dare call them out on that. 397 more words


It's All in the Wrist

I was in the store, stocking up on toothpaste (because it was on sale) and lip balm (because my lips are like my children, and dehydrated children are not cute). 914 more words

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We have a Mountie for that...

Recently I visited my favourite city in Canada: Ottawa. I have lived there several times and miss it. I took the opportunity to play tourist and included the RCMP Musical Ride Stables and Shop. 242 more words