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Cam Newton and the Long History of Double Standards for Black Athletes

“Black athletes’ self-confidence is interpreted as cockiness, their aggression construed as lack of control, and how they wear disappointment after losing is read as immaturity, to name a few critiques. 20 more words



Hey everyone,

And welcome to this everything-about-everything-in-Finland blog! Whether you have an idea about the country, or have been living/dreaming to live here, or are simply interested in what is going on in Finland nowadays – I am more than happy to share my little knowledge & experience with YOU! 219 more words


________ Lives Matter

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

Recently I heard about the tragic passing of Marshawn McCarrel at 23 years old by an apparent suicide.

And today my heart was sunken yet again by the news that McCarrel wasn’t as distant to my own life as I once believed. 943 more words

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When the Color Card...gets Overplayed

By Kerwin Holmes, Jr.

told you guys that my principle worry about all of these allegations of racism would be the cry-wolf syndrome.  Well its here, and it’s biting really, really hard. 1,026 more words

Society Life

Big Dick Theory

Donald Trump is still in the race for presidency, Kanye is even being considered as a political candidate, black lives still DONT matter and well the world itself is in a bit of  a state but despite the trending topics on social networks nothing ever really changes for the better.I don’t really know what to write about these days. 652 more words

"When they take of their glasses and put down their hair": Defogging the Glasses Girl Stereotypes

Part 1

Things He Says:

Are you the geeky type or the sexy librarian type?

Thing She Says:

I wear glasses. Not for fashion. Not to attract suitors. 545 more words


'You don't seem like a homeschooler'

A year or so ago, I found myself walking the halls of a local public school trying not to be trampled by crowds of middle schoolers flocking to say hello to their favorite teacher. 620 more words