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On Living a Stereotype for a Day

Let’s be honest: Most people, especially from the other side of the pond, cannot distinguish between a German and Bavarian. Just to be clear a Bavarian is a German but a German not necessarily a Bavarian. 688 more words


7 Nightclub Stereotypes That Are So True

Though it’s not fair to make generalisations about people, some people are exactly what they appear to be and nothing more. When you go out clubbing, you meet all sorts of people, some are really unique while others are something out of cheesy movies. 590 more words

Matthew Craig Wilson

Things I Don't Know About Places I've Never Been

I know that if I call a spade a spade
Or Coke a soda rather than a pop
My neighbors here will cock their heads like dogs… 134 more words


Suicidal Ideations: Active vs Passive

A symptom of depression and depressive episode is suicidal ideations. A suicidal ideation is the thought of taking one’s own life or dying. There are two types of suicidal ideations, passive and active. 328 more words

Mood Disorder


While in the final year of college, I made up my mind that engineering isn’t for me, I want to shift fields & not go for a 9-5 job. 227 more words


Family Matters

I am a child. I remember in a haze what it used to be like. The people all staring at me in a familiarity that could not be shaken or turned away. 232 more words


What's Your Stereotype??

Stereotypes. There’s a few for all of us. Whether they’re about our race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, how we dress, our likes and dislikes, or our qualities, we have all seen and dealt with them in one way or another. 347 more words

Shy Girl