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Self-Discovery Saturday: "Guyliner."

Friday I was ringing a customer’s sale through my register when she tried paying me a compliment. She said she liked my “guyliner.” She then asked if my eyeliner had something to do with any particular favorite musicians. 625 more words



By Isra Ahmed

Today, when I was going through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across an interesting video made by a bunch of my friends from another university. 464 more words

Not All Stereotypes are True

This video is so touching and sends a powerful message. The man in the video makes such an eye opening point that Muslims aren’t the same as terrorists. 30 more words


First, I’d like to start this post with an apology. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post recently. I’ve been sick and due to finals I’ve been studying and trying to get healthier. 714 more words

Deconstructing Cluster B stereotypes.

This is a cute drawing circulating Facebook depicting the “typical” person with each of the four Cluster B personality disorders (I cannot give credit for it since I have no idea who drew it or where it originated).   822 more words


  1. Be your own image of femininity, not the society’s.
  2. There’s no gender roles, just people acting like what their parents taught them.
  3. At your absolute best, ignorant people still won’t accept you… But that’s okay.
  4. 114 more words

Stereotyping Women

Stereotypes are, sadly, used all the time in this world. They’re used on different races, different genders, different religions, etc. However, being a woman, I thought I’d focus today on the stereotypes commonly placed on women either by other women or by men. 469 more words