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Art Appreciation & Appalachia Are Not Mutually Exclusive

“But it’s not like anyone from Eastern Kentucky would know what Inuit Throat Singing is.”

I am a child of the mountains. I also study Arts Administration and am a huge advocate for the arts. 356 more words

An unlikely Lawyer Life

Riddle me this – what is one of the most hated professions in the world, which is also one of the most feared, and one of the most respected, some of the most brilliant world leaders are part of this fraternity? 611 more words

Food For Thought

On the Western Front

Seamus Blackmore fastened his gun holster to his waist and took a deep breath. He was ready. In a few minutes, he would face that yella belly Erath. 342 more words

Breaking Stigma and Stereotypes

Stigma and stereotypes surrounding mental health issues are such powerful things. They prevent people from being open about their struggles, make people resistant to receiving the treatment they need, and they make it challenging for us to know how to receive and accept it when others are actually courageous enough to be open about their struggles. 349 more words

Horror- Stereotypes & Ideologies

I wanted to research the stereotypes and ideologies of the horror genre so that when my team started to film.


We Need More Positive African Stories

I’m becoming addicted to watching  CNN. Nowadays, American politics, the war in Syria (as if that’s not depressing enough) and small bits of pieces of News from Europe dominate the channel. 1,000 more words


Club Membership

Three years postop gastric bypass and I haven’t yet mastered the art of “knowing my place” in the world. It sounds harsh to say it like that but it’s a question in my mind that I realize I never had the answer to before surgery but losing weight has compounded the issue because now I have options. 931 more words

Mental Transformation