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Millennials: The Only Entitled Generation?

I came across a rather interesting article yesterday.

Supposedly, 40% of my generation doesn’t eat cereal because it’s inconvenient. At least, 40% of the millennials they surveyed because I’m positive no survey has ever gotten the opinion of absolutely every person in their targeted group. 750 more words


Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Theory

For this last post of the six-week series on intercultural and intergroup Communication theories, we’ll talk about Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Theory (AUM).


Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Theory was originally proposed by the late… 285 more words

Interpersonal Communication

Dear White People

Can we talk?

Can we truly talk about the elephant in the room that you never want to talk about?


Let’s talk about race. 645 more words


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Powerful words from Tikeetha! What I wish people would do instead of hiding behind preconceived notions of what we are. We are better together than divided. Leave any comments at her site.

Lekkers and losers

It will not be news to readers of this blog that I take a keen interest in popular literature on the subject of gender and communication. 1,900 more words


Many years ago, around week 25 of my second pregnancy, I switched doctors. My new obstetrician was a man and in our first meeting, we talked for over an hour. 710 more words

10 Stereotypes Everyone From Texas Has To Deal With

1. We’re all cattle ropin’, horse ridin’ cowboys and cowgirls.

Sure, many Texans participate in one or more of these activities, but given that 88% of Texans live in a metropolitan area, the residents of Texas are a lot more urban than you might expect. 45 more words



I closed my eyes completely, even as a stream of tears ran down at an unstoppable speed. I clenched my teeth, tightened my fingers into a tight grasp, and took the deepest breath I had ever taken. 1,413 more words