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Who Do You See?

“Do you see this woman?”

Of course he saw her. He couldn’t have been more than six, eight feet away from her. In fact, a snide thought had just run through his mind about both the woman and the guy who asked, “Do you see her?” He figured the guy asking the question was the one who needed to really take a look at the woman making a such a disgusting public display of affection. 824 more words

How to be a Brit in the US

We all have a stereotypical image of what’s a Brit and what’s an American; the Brits are reserved and polite, they drink tea all day long whilst the Americans are brash, loud and eat a lot of McDonald’s hamburgers.   431 more words


4 Hình ảnh và Con Người bạn sẽ thấy trong phòng tập GYM

Ông “HÉT”

ẦM Ĩ lắm cơ, tập cạnh những ông như này là tôi đâu đầu lắm, nhiều lúc “giật mà mình”. Biết là tập rất nặng và cần hét lên lấy động lực, tôi cũng không ý kiến gì, chỉ là nên gầm lại và giữ trật tự chút xíu thôi. 546 more words

Changing Identity

At the foundation of the novel The Antagonist by Lynn Coady is the topic of identity, and how different people view different things. Reading this novel has brought me to delve into the depths of my own identity and try and figure out how it affects me, and how it affects others around me.  579 more words

Crunchy-granola in the business world.

My entire life—at least ever since I can remember—I have been torn by following the footsteps of my mother whom is a free-spirit, or my father whom is a businessman. 544 more words

Food For Thought

On Malorie Blackman and Why I Write

From a very young age, reading played a huge part in my life. Whether it was reading road signs, what was on the back of the cereal box, or trying to make sense of the long, difficult-to-pronounce ingredients printed finely on body spray cans, I tried to read it all. 1,083 more words


Sorry, but it's complicated

‘Sorry’ may have been the hardest word for Elton John, but to women it comes as naturally as breathing. Women, as everyone knows, apologise. They apologise constantly. 2,577 more words