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You Know You're in the South When....

 You order iced tea and your server responds, “Sweet or unsweet?

A stranger strikes up a conversation with you at the produce counter and you don’t look for the manager. 75 more words


Home is where the Health is

Hello fellow writers and readers.  I didn’t write this weekend as my brain needed a break – as it often does – from the hub bub of daily life, swirls of emotion and general stress that comes from being or should I say enduring an existence that I deem entirely too sane.  820 more words


10 Canadian Stereotypes: Truth of Myth?

Let me just get this off my chest. While travelling, most of these have either been pointed out or asked of me. So I decided to ask google what the most common Canadian stereotypes were, and I couldn’t believe the things that I was reading! 742 more words


Week 4, Studying Media

Key text studied:

  • Lee, M. and Fung, A.Y.H. 2013. One region, two modernities: Disneyland in Tokyo and Hong Kong. In: A.Y.H. Fung. ed. Asian popular culture: The global (dis)continuity.
  • 1,395 more words
Cultural Studies

I Stopped Judging Other Women and my Life got Easier.

On my quest in becoming a better person (or rather a better woman, or even more specifically a better black woman) I’ve found that the ridiculous  expectations and standards placed on women are just that, ridiculous-and that I have to do better and stop constantly placing them on other women. 656 more words


Hollywood Autism: It Is Definitely Wrong

I have noticed that there are many stereotypes associated with autism, and I intend to knock every one of them down every single hour of my life if I have to. 930 more words