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American Beauty Standards

Since America is suppose to be a “melting pot”  many people would say our standards include everyone but if you know better you know it’s not true. 423 more words


Probably Not What You Would Expect

I have been browsing the internet and have come across some interesting videos. Some have changed some of my own misconceptions about things. Well, look at this video first. 169 more words


Is your Facebook feed inundated with cutesy, outwardly pithy posts spouting cliched truisms such as “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”, or “Happiness comes from within”.  193 more words


“That kind of girl” Overcoming female stereotypes

I believe that every person is unique and have their own completions. The system of pinpointing personalities and putting people in boxes is outdated, and yet I observe, and face, these kind of stereotypes every day. 504 more words


What it means to be a male feminist

By Ewan Forrest

It was little more than a year ago when Emma Watson famously spoke in front of the UN and launched the HeForShe campaign, a movement designed to promote male feminism and allow men to show solidarity with women across the world. 1,036 more words


Bond, Jane Bond

What if the next hero of the Bond franchise was a woman? Gillian Anderson, star of X-Files and The Fall, has suggested on Twitter that she would be keen to take up the challenge. 21 more words



A ground-breaking 1970s series, Roots, has been remade for a new generation. It tells the story of Kunta, a Mandinka warrior abducted from Gambia and forced to work as a slave on plantations in the American south. 23 more words