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When Safe Spaces Aren't Safe

Wednesday afternoon was a cool, crisp, quintessential fall day. The sun was high in the sky just past noon, poking through the leaves on the trees casting perfect shadows on the ground. 1,729 more words


Fear and Gender

A note to begin with: this post discusses gender issues. I don’t claim to be able to speak for all men, let alone all women, and I’m well aware that people are many and varied (probably in ways I’m not even aware of). 663 more words


Learning and Listening While Walking Backwards (But Not Really)

Campus Visits has given me so much over the last three years. In part, this includes public speaking skills, six free shirts, many free meals, the ability to walk backwards, and some of my best friends. 1,001 more words


Life in Germany vs the UK

Since moving to Munich in August, I have been able to enjoy this beautiful city during one of the hottest summers on record, with weekends spent relaxing by the Isar and in the English gardens.I am having a brilliant time here but I’ve had to adjust to a few important cultural differences in the last few months ; 559 more words


California Cops Are Pissed About the State’s New Racial Profiling Law

Police in California will soon be required to document and make public the ethnicity and race of every individual they stop while patrolling. One cop claims the law will cause racial profiling to actually happen.  102 more words

Boys don't cry

In the 1999 film “Boys don’t cry”, Hillary Swank plays a woman who wants to be a man.

In Indian films, the message is constantly reinforced – If you are a man who even at the most devastating of times ever has the audacity to spill some tears, people will think you are a woman pretending to be a man.



It’s funny how people judge one another by where they come from like that can actually make a person who they are. All kinds of things determine a person’s character; like who their parents are, the people they spend time with, their hobbies, their religion, their education, and the lessons they have taken from life. 317 more words