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Sterling silver jewellery collection by Khubhee

Sterling silver jewellery is different from any other jewellery and has an appeal, which is sure to seek attention from all. The luster and shine of sterling silver is incomparable with any other metal and this is the reason it happens to be a trendsetter among jewellery lovers around the globe. 259 more words


A quick glance on the advantages of using fashion jewellery

It is known to all that ornaments play very important role in women’s life and they cannot think themselves without wearing these accessories. In this recent time, varieties types of ornaments are available in the market like tradition jewellery, costume jewellery, … 376 more words

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Sterling silver jewellery – why should you choose this?

Silver has its own gravity and its radiance and beauty always attract all the women. If you are looking for the cost-effective alternative, you can choose these silver pieces. 477 more words

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Add 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery in your Treasure Box!!

925 sterling silver jewellery left behind almost every metal in the league of latest designs and price. Being it is gold or platinum; silver is gaining its prestige in every market and in every lane. 304 more words

Silver Jewellery

Key Benefits of using Silver Earrings

Silver jewelry is one of the most popular one among many other jewelries. It has almost the same quality as gold. Silver is chosen by many women for making their earrings not because of its style but because of its other vast number of advantages. 353 more words

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Buy sterling silver rings from online

Jewellery pulls any outfit together and that’s why, for so many of us, it’s a crucial part of our style. There are increasingly more options on the market for both tradtional and contemporary jewellery, and sources show that sterling silver jewellery is more popular than ever, due in part to it’s timeless look. 288 more words

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