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Healing Rotator Cuff (shoulder) Injury

This will be my ongoing project.

In case any physician or clinician tries to tell you that a large tear in the (supraspinatus portion of the) rotator cuff in the shoulder cannot be healed, other than selling you expensive steroid injections, or alternatively refers you to a specialist for a future surgery, mostly years later after having been on a lengthy wait list. 658 more words

Technical Stuff

New hip hooray!

There probably aren’t many people who would greet the news of some pretty major surgery with celebration. But that’s how I felt when I found out, about two months ago, that I would be getting my right hip replaced this year. 647 more words



It has been a while since I posted! Honestly, I was exhausted of posting the same thing (plus I was painfully busy). Trying and failing to lose weight. 557 more words


You Shouldn’t Do That In Public

The day after the steroid injection and the feeling has been surprising. When I woke up this morning, the usual extreme pain and stiffness wasn’t quite as extreme. 760 more words


Enjoying My Numbness

Well, I’m about two past having a giant needle in my hip socket. The fear and anxiety I was feeling just before that appointment was terrible. 951 more words