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The Great Ballmerdini

The CEO who made $15 Billion disappear

And Other CEO Magicians

Some CEO’s are true American heroes.  Individuals such as Henry Ford, Robert Wood (Sears), Tom Watson, (IBM), and Steve Jobs (Apple) all created hugely successful and popular Iconic companies that satisfied many needs and wants of the American (and World) consumer.  782 more words


At Yahoo, a Case Study in Death by Leadership

Until now, Hewlett Packard has been Silicon Valley’s pretty much undisputed champion of serial mismanagement. What can you say about a company with so many shabby episodes that the one people tend to forget is the time its chairwoman faced… 897 more words


Embracing Resignation

Happy Birthday Microsoft. Although maybe 23 August is the date to celebrate Microsoft’s Re-Birth Day. That was the day CEO Steve Ballmer announced his resignation. Ballmer had an indelible part in writing Microsoft’s history which I have shared my… 554 more words

Leadership And Management

Microsoft's Future Involves A Lot of Talking

In the future, people won’t have to waste time fidgeting with their smartphones as they try to order pizza from an app. They’ll just have to talk to the device, and little software helpers will do all the work for them. 740 more words


A History of the LA Sailboats: The Most Depressing Team in the NBA

By Matthew Moylan (Ice)

During my early years on this earth, girls never really liked me . Instead of showing love to them, I used that love for sports teams. 1,525 more words


Kanye West Wants To Redesign The Clippers’ Mascot

Steve Ballmer can I please redesign the Clippers mascot

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) March 13, 2016

Kanye West is taking his fashion design to the next level.

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Kanye West Wants To Redesign The Clippers’ Mascot

Kanye West is taking his fashion design to the next level.

On Sunday, the music icon posted a tweet (not surprising) asking Los Angeles Clippers’ owner… 238 more words