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An alternative model of the Atonement?

Regular readers will have spotted that I’ve taken a little time recently to respond to Steve Chalke’s 95 talks and particularly his attacks on two things: 1,327 more words

The Doctrine Of Humanity

Two further problems with Steve Chalke's theology

In Steve Chalke’s latest video, he claims that Christians holding to penal substitution believe in redemptive violence, the idea that might wins and that violence is needed for redemption. 797 more words

The Doctrine Of Humanity

Is Christian Media a Trojan Horse for Heresy?

I write regularly in different Christian media – up until a few weeks ago I wrote a twice weekly column for the Christian Today website.  I have written for conservative, liberal and mixed Christian media.  530 more words

Christian Today

Steve Chalke and the Cross of Christ

Steve Chalke is often presented on mainstream Christian media (and indeed the secular media) as a Christian preacher who presents one point of view – that many do not agree with – but who nonetheless remains a Christian whose views are just a different take on Christianity.   1,961 more words


Premier Christianity and acting in the interests of balance

A few times over the years I’ve had contact with Premier Christianity about their editorial policy and particularly about their decision to publish writers who are denying or attacking what the Bible says. 744 more words


Did Jesus have to be punished for our sin?

One of the push back arguments against Penal Substitution is that it is making God dependent upon something. Why should we say that God “has to punish sin.” God does not have to do anything at all, he is sovereign isn’t he? 792 more words

Doctrine Of God

Does Penal Substitution make the rest of Jesus' life meaningless?

There’s been a long running accusation against Evangelicals that goes something like this.

1. The focus on Jesus dying in our place so we can be forgiven and go to heaven makes the rest of Jesus’ ministry pointless. 1,672 more words

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