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Unbelievable - A Depressing Conversation with Jonathan Bartley

On Friday I had the privilege of doing another ‘Unbelievable’ programme with Justin Brierley.  The other guest was Jonathan Bartley, founder of Ecclesia and co-leader of the Green Party in England and Wales – another professing Christian.   1,629 more words


Does the Bible require a woman to marry her rapist?

One of the reasons why people like Steve Chalke are asking us to re-evaluate the nature and role of Scripture is because of some of the challenging texts that seem to go against our contemporary cultural ethics and even against Christian morality. 2,180 more words

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Taking Scripture seriously: Why Steve Chalke gets the Bible wrong

Steve Chalke has been posting a series of 95 short film clips to mark the Reformation. His aim is to encourage a conversation and in effect a new reformation in our approach to Scripture. 1,250 more words


The Chalke Response

As expected my article on Premier answering Steve Chalke’s accusations against both the Bible and the church got a fierce response. These responses teach us a great deal about the church in the UK today and our weaknesses. 3,111 more words

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The Anti-Christ Message of Steve Chalke

As I was preparing to preach on Romans 4 for this morning I was struck by these words from verse three – “What does Scripture say? 2,408 more words


Christians are now being excluded from the public square. But we have brought it on ourselves

This article originally appeared on Premier Christianity

I had originally entitled it ‘The End of Liberal Britain?’ but I prefer the Premier title!

By: David Robertson | 16th June 2017… 1,774 more words


Why we should sing that "on the cross ... the wrath of God was satisfied"

Not everyone likes Stuart Townend’s hymn “In Christ Alone.” Some people have a particular problem with the lyrics

“On that Cross as Jesus died, the wrath of God was satisfied.” 794 more words

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