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Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on a couple of characters.

First up is this classic by Steve Ditko from what I believe is Amazing Spider-Man #10. 33 more words


The Essential Spider-Man

The Essential Spider-Man by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, 3/5

Reading this collection was a fun, new experience and I loved the artwork, but the writing is atrocious–so much of it consists of characters talking to themselves so that the reader can tell what is going on, e.g. 98 more words

Book Reviews

Tales to Astonish #50 (12/10/1963)

Tales to Astonish #50 sees the arrival of yet another lame villain with the arrival of the Human Top, who’s powers are to spin really quickly like a top. 244 more words

Silver Age Comic

Tales of Suspense #48 (12/10/1963)

Tales of Suspense #48 features the first appearance of Mr. Doll, who may just be the worst villain up to this point. I’m not a big fan of the Puppet Master to begin with and Mr. 205 more words

Silver Age Comic

Doctor Strange

Marvel Studios’ output has, over the last couple of years, become somewhat erratic – for every fun adventure like Guardians of the Galaxy there had been a plodding smash em up retread like Age of Ultron, so with the arrival of the Sorcerer Supreme and the Cosmic Realm in Doctor Strange, how have they done? 381 more words


Strange Magic

When I read Marvel Comics as a kid, Doctor Strange was never a character I followed. He’d show up regularly in other stories, a brooding character with his dark hair and high-collared cape. 668 more words

Movies & Reviews

A Bomb in the Lasagna: "Doctor Strange" is Far Out, Man

Even for a studio that made huge box office returns out of space raccoons and Ant-Man, Doctor Strange feels like a bit of a gamble. The adventures of the good doctor have always been among some of Marvel’s most esoteric, and the free-form psychedelic odysseys packed to the rafters with pseudo-Lovecraftian names make them hard material to tackle for a movie even before one gets to the orientalism intrinsic to the character’s origins. 836 more words

Movie Review