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Silver and Gold Episode 04: Introducing Captain Atom

Wait, haven’t we already introduced Captain Atom. Well, yes and no. Call this episode of SNGPOD our “throwback Thursday” episode. I have a special guest on and we talk about the origin of the “original” Silver Age Captain Atom from  69 more words

Captain Atom

Ditkomania #94

“Editkorial” by editor Rob Imes.
“Kickstarting Ditko” by Javier Hernandez
“Steve Ditko’s Weird Comics #1” Review by Nick Caputo
“Ditko’s Shorts” Reviewed by Bryan Stroud… 50 more words


What was the question again?

This is the second in a series of dialogue-posts by me and Steve Long about vigilante characters in comics, mainly during but not completely restricted to the 1980s. 3,165 more words

The 80s Me

Comic Reflections #117: Ditko Dr. Strange + Namor, the Sub-Mariner!


On this episode, Jeff and I discuss Strange Tales #188, Sub-Mariner #26, Uncanny Tales #12, Dagar the Invincible #17.

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Ultimate Spider-Man #15

What we learned in this issue is that you don’t fuck with Gwen Stacy. Kong had been having a conversation with Flash Thompson and Liz Allen about his revelation that Peter is Spider-Man. 465 more words


Stan Lee at 93: a complicated legacy

Stanley Martin Lieber, aka Stan Lee, turns 93 today. People who’ve never read a comic book have heard of him. Lee co-created the Marvel Universe of comic book characters, starting in 1961 with the Fantastic Four. 541 more words