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Velvet Brings a Seventies Spy Adventure to Life

This past week saw the release of the final volume of Ed Brubaker’s Velvet. A triumphant occasion, since the book – or this story arc, at least – began in 2013 and lasted only fifteen issues. 954 more words

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Wayback Reviews: Captain America v5 #26-30

Comics are cyclical. It seems that similar themes and stories keep popping up over and over again. Wolverine chases down his hidden past. Someone even stronger comes after Superman. 517 more words


[Review] Velvet Issue 15

I have a bit of a problem with Velvet issue 15.

The issue came out a few weeks ago, and after reading it I was left with a distinct sour impression that bugged me. 647 more words


Wayback Reviews: Captain America v5 #22-25

Continuing my re-read of the Brubaker run on Captain America. This covers the Civil War period which, while a neat idea, never quite crossed over into being a good story. 657 more words


Velvet 15 (July 2016)

No more Velvet. At least not for now; this arc ends with the end of Velvet’s initial storyline. I really should have known if it was just intended for fifteen issues. 252 more words


Velvet 15 review

I’ve only reviewed a couple issues if this series, and that’s a shame, because it’s a great creator-owned espionage epic written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Steve Epting. 430 more words


velvet #14

fan det var så länge sen det kom ett nummer av den här, så jag har glömt bort det mesta. igen. tur att det går fort att läsa om serier, men det gör jag nog till nästa nummer, har hört att då är det slut på arcen och ett längre uppehåll är inplanerat eller något i den stilen… 56 more words