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The Man-Thing! by Steve Gerber!

I know the Silver Age was the foundation for just about everything (except most notably Captain America, the Human Torch, and Namor) at Marvel, but the Bronze Age was the age that brought comics into the modern era, because it explored ideas that were previously ignored or even taboo. 297 more words

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What I thought of Marvel Two-in-One #3

1970’s Marvel comics are a source of joy and derision. Sometimes both. One of those titles I’ve grown fonder of over the years is Marvel Two In One… 400 more words


Essential Iron Man Vol. 5

First Published: April 2013

Contents: Iron Man #62 (September 1973) to #75 (June 1975); and #77 (August 1975) to #87 (June 1976); and Iron Man Annual #3 (1976) 554 more words

Marvel Essentials

What I thought of Giant-Size Man-Thing #1

Back in the midsts of time, the title ‘Giant-Size Man-Thing’ would provoke laughs of Sid James proportions, but as the comic wasn’t distributed in the UK you had to really search to get your hands on a ‘Giant-Size Man-Thing’. 301 more words