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Alpha & Omega #4: El Gato Mató La Curiosidad

Welcome to Alpha & Omega! The blog series where we take a look at one issue each of the two Omega the Unknown comic book series—the original from 1976-77 and the reimagining from 2007-08. 3,055 more words


Cult Comic Essentials: The Evolutionary War

The Evolutionary War ran for 11 parts across a number of Marvel comic book annuals:

  • Part 1: X-Factor Annual #3
  • Part 2: The Punisher Annual #1…
  • 445 more words

Where everybody knows your name, like it or not.

« I’m usedta dealin’ with stiffs! I spotted the maggots crawlin’ outta yer mouth the minute you opened it! »

Just another Friday night happy hour at Ginger’s Joint, watering hole of Duke “Destroyer” Duck and his put-upon pal, the Little Guy. 142 more words

Alfredo Alcala

Stewart the Rat (November 1980)

Stewart the Rat is a depressing book to think about. Writer Steve Gerber had just been fired by Marvel from his masterpiece Howard the Duck… 960 more words

Gene Colan

Four Color Primer: Valkyrie, Part 2

This is part two in a primer on the comic book saga of Valkyrie, portrayed in this fall’s Thor: Ragnarok by Tessa Thompson. For the first part of her story, including the origins of three different Valkyries, brought to life by comics legends Roy Thomas, John and Sal Buscema, and Steve Englehart, among others, … 4,013 more words

Four Color Forum

Thundarr the Barbarian

Thundarr the Barbarian was crated by Steve Gerber and produced by Ruby-Spears Productions. It ran for two seasons (21 episodes) between 1980 – 1982 and was set in the year 3994. 248 more words


Alpha & Omega #1: Into the Unknown

I don’t know if I’d call myself a fan of Steve Gerber, but I am certainly interested in his work and his legacy in the field of comics. 3,989 more words