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I like him anyway

This was my favorite character in the exact mid-1970s, age 12-13. Why? That’s a question that gets more interesting the more I try to answer, and also less and less easy to answer, 1,253 more words


Essential Captain America Vol. 6

First Published: April 2011

Contents: Captain America and the Falcon #206 (February 1977) to #222 (June 1978); Captain America #223 (July 1978) to #230 (February 1979); … 888 more words

Marvel Essentials

Howard the Duck for President

There has been certain skepticism regarding my cat Squeaky’s presidential campaign, with some wondering if a feline can actually even run for President. Well, let me assure you, Squeaky is hardly the first non-human to seek election to the highest office in the land.  1,826 more words

Comic Books

If It WAUGHs Like a Duck #10: You Can't Go Home Again

Welcome to If It WAUGHs Like a Duck, the series where we examine both the original volume of Marvel’s Howard the Duck, and the newest series now in its second volume (6th volume overall; I know, confusing) – a pair of issues at a  time. 2,184 more words


Holy cow, it's Hellcow!

I recently picked up the Howard The Duck Omnibus on a quaking screaming good deal, (seriously look around Marvel is clearing them out and you can snag them at around half off) and ran across what may be the greatest character in the history of the MU. 297 more words


Defenders by Steve Gerber & Sal Buscema, et al.

This entry spotlights the run of The Defenders by Steve Gerber, Sal Buscema and others (in Defenders #20-29 and 31-41, Giant-Size Defenders #3-5, Defenders Annual #1 and Marvel Two-in-One #6-7) published in 1974-76 by Marvel Comics. 1,832 more words