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The Defenders #27, 1975 "Three Worlds to Conquer!"

My love for the Defenders is legendary, so it stands to reason, that I must love the creators as well. Most of the stories borderline on the absurd and unusual, kind of like a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode. 128 more words

Comic Books

"If It WAUGHs Like a Duck" #2: Space Duck, Sex Turnip

Welcome to the second installment of this still young feature that covers both the original and the current Howard the Duck comic book series one issue (of each) at a time. 2,194 more words


Omega the Unknown #4, 1976 "Cats and no Dogs!"

On my last adventure to the comic shop, I had several issues in mind that I was going to grab. The only problem was that those issues were nowhere to be found. 246 more words

Comic Books

Essential Man-Thing Vol. 2

First Published: September 2008

Contents:¬†Man-Thing #15 (March 1975) to #22 (October 1975); Giant-Size Man-Thing #3 (February 1975) to #5 (August 1975); Man-Thing story from… 890 more words

Marvel Essentials

What I thought of Howard the Duck #1

Steve Gerber’s original Howard the Duck is one of the finest works of satire ever produced by any comics company, and for 30 issues Gerber and artist Gene Colan produced some astonishing work that pushed what Marvel could do and the medium of comics. 401 more words


Tom Mason talks Exiles and Ultraverse!

  1. Based on house ads, Exiles wasn’t intended to be a part of the Ultraverse upon its creation. When and why did that change? Was Steve Gerber involved from the start?
  2. 2,188 more words
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