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FIFA bans three South African officials over match-fixing

FIFA’s ethics watchdog on Monday banned a former South African football chief, Leslie Sedibe, for five years after an inquiry into match-fixing surrounding the national team. 193 more words


hottest Australia, over a century ago ...

Before the freaking becomes too widespread over the spate of recent wildfires, and blaming climate change, I refer them to this. Australia’s hottest month, 1896: 216 more words


in George Orwell’s novel, ‘1984’, he describes a government that changes historical records so that past copies of newspapers show what the government wants.
Steve Goddard has reminded me that this unthinkable fiction is actually happening already! 151 more words

misreporting a political stunt ...

The Guardian’s irresponsible reporting gets worse. Agenda driven and making things up, this time at the expense of some lost, presumed dead explorers. Careless and inept. 1,080 more words


the climate faith has a hit list ...

There are some real kooks out there, thankfully they are on the side that wants us all to freeze to death, like those unfortunate lost explorers she cites. 552 more words


cooling the past to heat the present with junk science ...

The  dishonesty of the climate scaremongers gets worse. The frauds are ramped up. The gravy train is in danger of stopping. The world has started to cool again. 234 more words