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Street Fighter Red Tape - Vega

So I can’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of this. If you ever played Street Fighter or Street Fighter 2 you will love how they portray Vega. 21 more words

Rare Humor

No Vision For Global Mission? Here's why...

10 Reasons for British Church’s current ambivalence about global mission

Excellent recent blog posts by Steve Holmes (http://steverholmes.org.uk/blog/?p=7261) and Eddie Arthur (http://www.kouya.net/?p=6031… 715 more words

NY Lizards Acquire Shamel Bratton and Steve Holmes

The New York Lizards have added midfielder Shamel Bratton and defenseman Steve Holmes to their roster from the Major League Lacrosse player pool. Less than two weeks ago, the MLL announced a partnership with Adrenaline that would allow Adrenaline LXM Pro Tour players to enter the MLL player pool. 372 more words

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Men strapped into floating beds, and other things we don't understand

“Why is the man strapped into the bed Grandma?” And there begun the attempt to explain gravity to a two and a half year old during her bed time story as she pointed at the picture book. 1,477 more words

Faith And Failure

"I find this basic theoretical approach simply convincing."

Vicky Beeching interviews Steve Holmes of St. Andrews :

VB: Do you like the term ‘feminist’?

SH: ‘Feminism’ can mean many things, of course. I use it most often in teaching and writing as a title for a body of theory that offers an account of how certain assumptions about gender have shaped culture in far-reaching ways; and which proposes the urgent need to resist these patriarchal assumptions and to reorder culture.

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Charismatics, spiritual gifts and the mushy middle

This post links in a totally unplanned way from the exegetical discussion of NT gifts to the contemporary question of how the heck what is described so routinely in the NT is to be ‘applied’ to contemporary church life. 590 more words


Steve Holmes - The Twitter Bible

I have met Steve Holmes, a British Baptist theologian, when he was an assistant to the late Colin Gunton, at King’s College London, during my doctoral studies (I was not a student at that school, but Colin had kindly granted me the permission to participate in the research seminars he was  leading at King’s). 84 more words