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Profile Response: Steve Miner, Lime Rock, Medford, OR

“My job here is to take us out of Hollywood and into industrial markets.” One glance at the movie posters that line Lime Rock’s front offices reinforces the company’s Hollywood pedigree. 526 more words


Profile Response: Dorothy and Steve Miner, Ashland, OR

Despite my attempt not to draw conclusions across people I talk with until my journey is over, some themes are so striking they cannot be ignored. 677 more words


The Night He Goes to School (Halloween H20, 1998)

By 1997, slashers had almost seemed like a dead genre. Frankly, Halloween 6 could have been the death bell. Yet, 1996 was also the year that slasher pics got a shot in the arm. 820 more words


Lets Go Camping Part 3D (Friday the 13th Part 3, 1982)

Part three is in 3-D and you know what that means… long drawn out scenes with people pushing things towards the camera. They dump the plot of camp counselors trying to reopen the camp this time around. 596 more words


Let's Go Camping Part 2 (Friday the 13th Part 2, 1981)

Part two shows us that Jason is still alive and stomping around Camp Crystal Lake, killing random people. Mainly folks no one would miss, you know, like the town sheriff and the Official Crazy Old Guy from the first film. 373 more words


Creature Feature Wednesdays: Feeding cows to crocs in 'Lake Placid'

Following the creature-feature recipe to a T, Lake Placid succeeds as a late-’90s guilty pleasure, starring a perfect set of ’90s actors: Bridget Fonda ( 506 more words

Guilty Pleasures: Lake Placid (1999)

Comedy, Horror

16th July 1999 – 82 Minutes – IMDB Rating: 5.6

“From the creator of Ally McBeal, David E. Kelley, comes this tale of non-stop, spine-tingling terror and ferociously funny comedy. 807 more words