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Vampires, mediums, and occult themes are showing up more and more on prime time TV, the bestseller list, and your family computer. Role playing games are hugely popular and so is Harry Potter. 89 more words


My Lawyers Respond to the HOA's Motion to Dismiss


My lawyers have asked for suggestions for witness list, I have questions about the following:

  1. I thought our HOA dues covered lawsuits and that the HOA had their own lawyer on retainer, so why is Russo’s law-firm representing the HOA and why are we being assessed for defending my lawsuit?
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Russo & the HOA Respond by not Saying Much

They must think Judge Cornelio (the comments on article support the Judge) is a good-old-boy and he will dismiss my case.



So Russo’s law firm represents the HOA?  71 more words

Sycamore Vista Annual HOA Meeting 25 April 2013

Beginning of meeting was about impending water shortage, which can be solved by assessing each lot a portion of the $1.3-million to improve the well. ($3-million total, our share, 35% is $1.3-M) Other communities must also chip-in to get more water hookups, there are only 200 left. 383 more words

2013 Annual HOA Meeting Announcement & HOA Budgets for 2012

Received 2012 annual budgets for Units 5, 7, 9 & 10S — all I received for Unit 8 was a postcard announcing a quarterly meeting on 9 April 2013 at 6pm in the Corona de Tucson Fire Department. 519 more words

Sycamore Vista HOA, Vail AZ (18 June 2012)

Was recovering from a hangover (got drunk at home Sunday), Steve Russo asked how I was doing and I wearily said, “okay,” he said, “just okay?!” and I told him I was recovering from a hangover, lol. 672 more words

What should we do with Halloween?

I came across this great little article the other day about our Christian response to Halloween. I admit, as a parent it is hard not to get excited for my girls who want to dress up like a fairy or princess or, in this year’s case, a bride (AHHHHH!!!). 59 more words