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I TOLD You Brady Wasn’t Guilty!

Actually I didn’t. I don’t like Tom Brady and I don’t like the New England Patriots so I assumed the worst. And herein is the lesson for us all. 298 more words


The 10 O'Clock: Broncos star receiver's mom, grandmom will watch Super Bowl from their home ... in prison

The seven-year-old was doing his homework last night — some people find it hard to believe that seven-year-olds have homework, while others think they should have both homework AND Kumon — when he came upon this challenge: 966 more words

Vancouver Canucks

New York Post Foolishly Blames Bill Belichick For Rob Gronkowski's Injury

BOSTON (CBS) — It just wouldn’t be a Patriots-Jets week if there weren’t some cheap shots fired at Bill Belichick from New York.

The Patriots’ head coach was pictured in a not-so-flattering way on the back page of the New York Post on Tuesday, with Jets coach Rex Ryan pictured serving a turkey that has the head of Belichick. 507 more words


Short attention span theater

In today’s New York Post, Steve Serby writes:

Ask yourself this question, Mets fans: When was the last time your team overachieved like this?

222 more words

Your Championship Sunday Collection of Literary Ineptitude

It’s Championship Sunday! Or whatever other overly-theatrical name football fans use for this day.

Things have been slow around here as of late, what with Dave being hit by a car, me dealing with a stress fracture in my foot and absolutely nothing going on in the world of sports except for some MLB free agent signings and the occasional Miami Heat loss. 197 more words

The unofficial official "Bill Belichick is no longer a genius" to-be-updated constantly blog post, or, "Why Rex Ryan is smarter than Bill Belichick."

It didn’t take long. In fact, less than an hour after the Jets beat the Patriots in the AFC Divisional playoff game, Andrew Perloff of CNNSI.com offered this assessment of New England’s coach: 1,023 more words

Okay, now I'm really confused. Is Belichick a genius, arrogant or an arrogant genius?

I guess it all depends on how the play turns out.

Anyway, in case you were too busy watching the Jets-Patriot game, here’s how the first half ended on the… 419 more words