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Wonder Woman 2 Starts Shooting Next Summer

Wonder Woman 2 is reportedly set to start filming next summer in time for its December 2019 release date, with rumors pointing to the film taking place during the 1980’s Cold War era. 67 more words


Wonder Woman #32 Review: Children of the Gods Continues, Unfortunately

Let’s start this review with a question: How many female characters other than Wonder Woman have speaking parts in this issue? During the initial “Rebirth” arcs, there were a wide variety of women in the mix, from allies like Etta Candy and Barbara Minerva to villains like Dr. 986 more words

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10 Things About the Wonder Woman Sequel

Things I want to see: 

1. A new love interest. Come on, internet, if comic book movies can’t give us Peggy Carter back to life, they shouldn’t give us Steve Trevor. 154 more words

Diana Stays Political in Wonder Woman 29

by Mark Mitchell

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

It’s heartening that after Greg Rucka concluded his run on Wonder Woman — a run that found its greatest success when focusing on Diana of Themyscira as a reflection of real life issues — Shea Fontana doesn’t shy away from keeping the book political during these troubling times in America. 183 more words

Mark Mitchell

Redefining Wonder Woman

Prior to this spring, my image of Wonder Woman consisted of a woman with poufy hair wearing starry spandex, spouting cardboard dialogue, and wielding a laughable “Lasso of Truth.”  This year’s movie adaptation of the comic book heroine, however, paints a different picture.  787 more words

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Wonder Woman #29 Review: A Bountiful Battle and a Bold Decision

The first year of Wonder Woman in the “Rebirth” era was a major undertaking, with the creative team trying to reorient the character after a five year run that failed to capture the classic, empowering core of Diana and the Amazons. 1,087 more words

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Review of "Wonder Woman"

* * * B

I liked Wonder Woman a lot, but didn’t find it deserving of the high praise it received from critics. Perhaps it’s because I saw it on the small screen. 258 more words