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Wonder Woman (v1) #001 - Notes

In Wonder Woman #001, we were given a deeper look into the origins of both the Amazons and Diana herself. Plus, three more action-packed stories featuring a circus, a secret lair under a prison, and a bull fight! 756 more words

Wonder Woman

Sensation Comics #003 (March 1942)

Diana becomes a military secretary. But someone is leaking important information to spies! Can Wonder Woman find out who?

Sensation Comics #003

Written by Charles Moulton (William Moulton Marston) 574 more words

Wonder Woman

Introducing: Steve Trevor

In my previous post wondering where all the “normal” boyfriends are, I left out one very important man. Who you ask? Why none other than Steve Trevor, the primary love interest of Wonder Woman. 468 more words

Significant Others

You Are Not a Superhero

No Captain America
not even Steve Trevor
Just a phonomancer
with deceiving stardust
and chameleon colours.