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"Lifestyle" jobs should still pay pensions!

The latest Gig Economy case to be tested in court starts today , (Monday 30th April) Courier firm Hermes is facing action from GMB Union members. 723 more words


WASPI EXPLOSIVE: Cheated pensioner exposes 2004 leaflet CONFIRMING 2020 as year when female SPA to rise

Footslogging through the data still has an important role to play in holding slippery public officials and hypocritical apologists to account. Yorkshire artist Aileen Barnard yesterday tweeted in relation to the page capture above. 668 more words

Waspi/2020 SPA Injustice

Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold - Steve Webb, illustrated by Chris Mould. Reviewed by Abigail (8)

Spangles and Sausage want to find loads and loads and loads gold fish because they think gold fish are gold and they also want to be rich. 21 more words

Children's Books

Spangles McNasty and the Tunnel of Doom - Steve Webb, illustrated by Chris Mould. Reviewed by Abigail (8)

When Spangles gets Aunt Nugget’s Tunnel of Doom in her will, he sets out to make it really Spangly.
Will Freddie Taylor stop him in his tracks? 7 more words

Children's Books

Same as it ever was ; for "Fowler", read "Webb"

It was a shame Steve Webb wasn’t at last night’s excellent witness seminar on “Thatcher’s Pensions reforms”.¬† He would have made an able replacement for Norman Fowler who has been in bed all week with a Lergi (get well soon). 694 more words


Salary Sacrifice - a foot in the door for the poorly pensioned?

Everybody knows that the pension tax-relief system is heavily weighted in favour of the have’s who get big income tax incentives. It is weighted against the low waged who can get excluded from contribution incentives altogether. 1,396 more words