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So just how does pot follow member?

Steve Webb was a politician long on vision but short on execution and no vision of Webb’s was less thought through than the big idea that we should all have “one big fat pot”. 703 more words


WWLW: Bigger Digger by Steve Webb

Hey! It’s Wednesday and time for another favourite of ours. I would like to thank everyone for still being here and reading my blog. It truly means so much to me. 370 more words


The pension troublemaker!

I love the Pension Regulator- they are definitely our most proactive financial services governor. They are fighting the fight on a number of fronts- but chiefly to make auto-enrolment a success. 648 more words


Supply-side woes , buy-side goes; the disappearing pension billions

It’s not hard to spend a billion, not if you’re a nation that knows how to spend but finds it hard to save.

As Osborne found, a generation of planning can be unwound in a minute. 766 more words


"I'm afraid we had no answers.. good luck! ..-..Steve."

“Where are all the pension people?”

Asked an accountant at #Accountex15 on Thursday. They were elsewhere listening to Steve Webb and Gregg McClymont looking back at the last five years, a neat metaphor for the pensions industry as another accountant pointed out.

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We got scared

When the pencil was in my hand and I stared at those boxes, I must admit that I was scared. Not that it stopped me from voting for the party that I believed in, but because of the responsibility of participating in a political process so much bigger than me. 760 more words


Power or the proper exercise of power? #villagate

The Liberals are more likely to be in power after May than Conservative or Labour

The irony of Milliband’s and Cameron’s obsessions with two party politics is that this country is now 1-10 on to have no overall majority in the next political term. 1,327 more words