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It's Moving Day - Find Me Now at SteveWoodruff.com

This will be the final post here at Connection Agent (I think!). As I announced earlier this week, I’ve decided to launch an entirely new site: … 271 more words


My Second-to-Last Post at Connection Agent Blog

Connection Agent is going away? Yes. And, no.

This week, I’ll be launching a new website at SteveWoodruff.com, which will be the new home for all my writings about marketing (my pharma biz, … 408 more words


Defeating Mis-Matches in Business

{Note: I am now blogging at my brand-spanking-new site, SteveWoodruff.com. Just click here to subscribe to the new feed. Bonus – you can also sign up at the same time for my astonishingly brief  yet brilliant e-newsletter,  123 more words

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Pharma, Facebook and Social Media

Originally published at http://www.aquickbyte.com as PharmaBookSocialMediaDeathwatchSOUP on August 17, 2011

If you live and breathe in the social media marketing world, especially in the healthcare space, you already know that social media giant Facebook made a minor platform change this week, which is causing a (small but growing) ripple effect in the online healthcare tide pool: FB will no longer allow comments to be disabled on Walls. 650 more words

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Thought for the Day

I don’t make it a habit of sharing biblical references, but I read this one in a blog comment this morning (thanks to Steve Woodruff… 42 more words


Twitter Chats and Cocktail Parties

Probably my LEAST favorite social setting is a crowded, noisy, unstructured gathering. Such as a big cocktail party.

Speak before 1,000 people? No problem. Mill around in a crowd, flitting from person to person? 627 more words

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The Past and Future of Leadership

This week on Leadership Chat (Tuesday, December 6, 8 pm ET, hashtag #LeadershipChat on Twitter), we’ll be talking about The Future of Leadership. Co-moderator… 426 more words

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