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Watch Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell as Two Concerned Parents — Who Start an Underground Casino

You remember the middle class-but-actually-financially-strapped white suburban parent who was also a weed dealer. And the middle-class-but-actually-financially-strapped white suburban parent who was also a… 308 more words


SIFF Review: Another Evil

There are things in this world more problematic and scary than being haunted by ghosts. One of those things is realizing you accidentally hired an unhinged person to provide a home service for you.  81 more words


Another Evil Review

It turns out that 2016 actually saw the release of two new Ghostbusters. The better known of the two was, of course, the all-female lead version that was met by controversy and misogyny from the time the first trailer dropper. 500 more words


Review: Another Evil (Fantasia 2016)

In Another Evil, the story revolves around a modestly fruitful visual artist, Dan (Steve Zissis), and an overtly quirky ghost hunter/exorcist, Os (Mark Proksch). After confronting an apparition in his vacation home, Dan sends his skeptical wife, Mary (Jennifer Irwin), and teenage son, Jazz (Dax Flame), back to the city for a week so he can figure the situation out. 729 more words


Fantasia 2016: "Another Evil" Review

Finding the perfect balance in a horror-comedy is a difficult thing to do. Far too often, it seems, these films are so concerned with being scary that they forget to add the jokes—or they’re so concerned with being funny that they forget to add the scares. 429 more words