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Your journey #4

Journeys aren’t always about where you’re going, but who you are going on that journey with.

If you’re on a journey with God, you get the added benefit of knowing that by the end of the journey you will be a different person. 24 more words


Your journey #2

Walking by faith means you have the courage to stand up for everyone – the hurting, the broken, and the down-trodden – to face death yourself for the good of others. 206 more words


TD Fri. - "Food For Thought" Training/Prepping

Hey TD!

We need you to make sure you come to TD this Friday, so we can do some training and prepping for our big outreach to your friends on 4/28, Food For Thought (FFT).    425 more words

The strong

Are you a strong person?

I’ve found that it’s usually those who don’t think they are strong that are usually the strongest people. I know I never consider myself to be a strong person, particularly these days, but maybe I’m simply just confirming my own statement that those who are strongest don’t think they are strong! 57 more words


Let's Have Fun!

Fun has sacred dimensions.” 

        ~ Adriana Diaz

Investigate my life, O God,
    find out everything about me;
Cross-examine and test me,
    get a clear picture of what I’m about; 371 more words

More than just words

Single words have meaning, but don’t necessarily give context or clarity. However when we put words together and utter a prayer to God, that’s when words become more than words because of the power they then have. 81 more words


Fourth Day Of Christmas

Christmas Card

Christmas is a time of love, joy, fellowship and mostly, hope. Christmas is more than what most people think. Christmas is God drawing us close, making us new, giving us life. 310 more words