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T. D. Jakes

“Most of what we call ‘church’ we would have to teach Jesus. Jesus never saw an usher, He never saw a greeting committee, Jesus never saw a choir, Jesus never met a deacon, Jesus never had a board of directors.

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Dysfunctional Comfort by Steven Furtick

Dysfunctional comfort is a sermon by Steven Furtick that talks about how staying in the comfort zone can lead to sin. He gives an example of a man (Mark 1:21-23) who was a regular member of a synagogue cried out asking Jesus why HE came to preach? 501 more words


Before and After by Steven Furtick

Before and after is a sermon by Steven Furtick meaning overcoming temptations. He says that in this world, we get lots of temptations and it’s us to resist. 532 more words


Pulpit & Pen champion disruptive activists outside Elevation Church

Here’s a story that illustrates how polemicists like Pulpit & Pen present click-bait based on misreporting to make an organisation like Elevation Church look bad. 1,449 more words


Embracing Limitation by Steven Furtick

Embracing belief means accepting enthusiastically that your dreams shall come true. Steven Furtick’s dream was starting a church that shall consist of members of various races. 518 more words


The 12th Gate by John Gray

The 12th Gate sounds very confusing to those that haven’t watched John Gray’s sermon. But to simplify, according to my understanding let’s look at the months of each year. 523 more words