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On Making a Way

God is amazing! I am floored when I look back on how far God has brought me and my family. I wanted to share some spectacular things God has done in my life and how he has  1,118 more words

Don’t Blow It! – Pastor Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick says, “…I found out that we have a lot of different things we say to disguise our procrastination. Like in church, we say I am praying about it meaning we are procrastinating. 533 more words


Steven Furtick misses an important reason for why we follow Christ

I have a hard time with Steven Furtick.  He’s the preacher that is infamous for his “Hey Haters” wannabe rap or whatever it is.  It’s far from anything pastoral, check it out yourself: 909 more words



Furtick, sounds like something you say when you stub your toe on a dresser in the middle of the night, doesn’t it? I’m telling you, it sure isn’t easy being a Christian on the internet these days. 359 more words

I AM 3.

It was sunny in the Lowcountry that day — I was catching up with a client in Beaufort.  He apologized for missing my call, continuing, “I leave my phone in the kitchen at night.  710 more words

The ConTENtment Commandments - Pastor Steven Furtick

Steven says, “…Here is the secret to being content. Sometimes you will have plenty in one area and not enough in another. I guarantee in your life that you are living in dual seasons. 638 more words


Letters of Coffee

Every time I complete a manuscript joy rises within me, it is one thing to have an idea and another to write it down in a way that flows, to tick all the boxes in my writing to-do-list. 424 more words