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Justin Trudeau Sworn in as Canadian Prime Minister

Liberal Justin Trudeau was officially sworn in as Canada’s Prime Minister today, with Steven Harper stepping down shortly before the ceremony.  The Liberal Party swept to an overwhelming victory in the elections last month.  67 more words

International Events

... Well , Canada wanted Change [#Justin Trudeau]...

.. they are going to get it ..

.. the Liberal party capped a historic comeback by winning only around 40.5% of the vote . In Canada , that is what counts as a blowout . 208 more words

Personal Opinion

O Canada! Our Home and Native Land...

Okay, so I wrote this piece a (very!) long time ago. It really was what I felt at the time though much has changed in recent years and I am grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been granted in England. 692 more words


Canadian Federal Election Woes

On this Canadian Federal election day, I’m having a lot of feels about being Canadian. As a person who is now in the process of moving to the US those feels are also amplified and then folded in half, twisted around and smacked a few times for good measure. 559 more words

Angie The Human

What to do in the event you wake up Tuesday morning and Stephen Harper is still Prime Minister

1. Remain calm.

2. Check for structural damage.

3. Be prepared for aftershocks and gloating.

4. Deal with any minor injuries, including cuts, sprains and ideological collapse. 551 more words


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Please check out this great post from Ross Murray. Ross knows how to really capture the essence of the main event that will be taking place for us Canadians on Monday.

Could Harper come in 3rd on Monday?

So it’s the Thursday before election day and 3.6 million people have already gone to advanced polls with what looks like another 11 to 14 million headed there on Monday (given a 60 to 75% turnout). 829 more words


UPDATED: Blue Rodeo drops seething anti-Harper protest song

Who says that Canadian musicians don’t write protest songs about politicians? Well, the Toronto Star did in an article published earlier today, which you can read here.  390 more words