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UPDATED: Blue Rodeo drops seething anti-Harper protest song

Who says that Canadian musicians don’t write protest songs about politicians? Well, the Toronto Star did in an article published earlier today, which you can read here.  390 more words


Politics and poetry

This  morning on CBC radio on Sunday Edition, Michael Enright hosted a panel of Stephen Lewis, Laura Crozier and Joseph Heath.  Laura Crozier is an eminent Canadian poet, Heath is a professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto,and Steven Lewis is a beloved ( by those of us on the left of spectrum) former politician and Canada’s representative to the UN from 1984 to 1988.   261 more words

Part 1 of 2. A Paradigm Shift

In the 19th century Hegel developed a theory to explain historical development as a dynamic process. This not only enforces the concept that conflicts are not bad, but good for generating understanding. 1,930 more words

Economic Inequality

Before going to law school, read this.

I would hope that before you decide to take on an average of $88,000 – $127,000 in debt you would do your due diligence. You are, after all, about to enroll yourself or your child in law school. 643 more words

Business Of Law

Steve-O Milhouse Harputin makes the New York Times!



THE prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has called an election for Oct. 19, but he doesn’t want anyone to talk about it. 1,135 more words


Canada: Massive Nexen pipeline cleanup (2:29)

Pipelines are safe, eh Harper? The only comment that made sense from the president of Nexen is “We are sorry”. Not good enough. This is a disgrace. 203 more words


Man drops 130 pounds to achieve his dream of joining the Army

Steven Harper once weighed more than 350 pounds.

“I was big,” Harper told Q13 Fox.  “A lot of people told me ‘you’re too big, Steven.’” 137 more words