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Is it possible to order lattes in jail?

There’s been an acrimonious debate going on in Ottawa about Bill C-51, Stephen Harper’s so-called Anti-Terrorism Bill, which looks the tiniest bit like an Anti-Environmentalism Bill. 261 more words


The niqab debate and the feminist myth

It has long been my feeling that the Quebec government, and many Quebecers alike, would like to make a law banning Muslims completely: laws banning headscarves, laws banning niqab, laws banning turbans, and maybe eventually laws banning beards and butter chicken too. 452 more words

[Zetta's Reference Desk] - Writing the Paranormal Novel by Steven Harper

Title: Writing the Paranormal Novel: Techniques and Exercises for Weaving Supernatural Elements Into Your Story.

Author(s): Steven Harper

Year Published: 2011

Pages: 266

Do you love reading scary/creepy/titillating stories involving things that go “bump” in the night? 734 more words


Harper and Conservative Party behind QSM scandal

After a thorough inquiry into what is now known as the 2015 Trudeau-QSM Scandal, it has been discovered that Steven Harper, who preceded Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada, was the main perpetrator of the QSM Bill Scandal. 288 more words

Justin Trudeau

Review | Iron Axe by Steven Harper


Published: Jan 6th, 2015
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Edition: Audiobook
Length: 13 hrs 28 mins.

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THE BLURB… 851 more words


Harsh Harper: Erasing Aboriginal Past

Residential schools are famous in Canadian history. I personally term it the ‘Canadian Holocaust’. The Canadian government and peoples are very infamous for being close-minded and racist on a personal and systematic level, and the majority of its citizens were (and still are) taught the White-European version of history and viewpoints. 384 more words


Harper is harsh.

Mandatory minimum sentences, when imposed on first time offenders, undermine the core values that Canadian society holds dear of freedom, inclusiveness, justice, fairness and equality. Sentencing principles such as these are inhumane and punishment-centered and function to eliminate judicial discretion. 757 more words