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JCVD (2008)

All of the Oscar hubbub surrounding Birdman got me thinking about JCVD, a movie built on a somewhat similar concept. You might superficially call this “a comeback movie”, if you think of Michael Keaton’s… 666 more words


Steven Seagal the Emotionless

Everyone knows him, everyone fears him, especially his movies with the Under Siege I and Under Siege II. What is so special about him, that I’m writing this? 229 more words


What if?..

What if Steven Seagal gained a non-typecast role in a regular drama movie?

Steven Seagal, the dude who portrays military’special ops-type background personnel in every other movie, has enjoyed a 27 year career of starring in movies – movies which belong only to the action genre. 174 more words


Executive Decision (1996)

Stuart Baird’s Executive Decision is an action thriller about the “world’s most feared terrorist” and a plane hijacking. This 1996 picture features a lot of different genre tropes, from the constant threat of a bomb to the rise of an implausible hero to the boundless tactical discussions of some sort of military strike force. 676 more words


Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (EP 10)

After a week-long hiatus, The Last Row Podcast cooks up a new episode and gets back on track with a unique take on Under Siege 2: Dark Territory… 90 more words


Machete (2010)

I enjoy the B movies style. I love exploitation films. Especially those put out by Robert Rodriguez, his films all have some kind of crazy links and its worth checking out how they do so if you like little easter egg type things. 328 more words


A Good Man (2014)

One of the better Steven Seagal films of the last few years is 2014’s A Good Man, a picture that features director Keoni Waxman finally finding his groove and places the protagonist exactly where he needs to be. 720 more words