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Call A Lawman, Steven Seagal's Clickbait Site Stole My #Content

Not too long ago, you may remember that I brought you the story of Steven Seagal’s clickbait website, WarriorZen. To recap briefly, it seems that a certain class of websites, the kind that create Discount Internet Slurry™, have begun offering their services to celebrities, as a way to boost their online presence. 765 more words


Steven Seagal

A list feature, commissioned for no apparent reason, about Steven Seagal’s best moments on-screen.



Three Unconventional Picks to Join EA Sports UFC Roster

With the inclusion of Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC and Mike Tyson in EA Sports UFC 2, developer Electronic Arts has shown a willingness to include non-MMA fighters into their games.   711 more words


Out for Justice (1991, John Flynn)

I didn’t hate watching Out of Justice. I didn’t even dislike watching it some of the time. It’s never good, but it’s really dumb and director Flynn knows how to direct a dumb action movie. 410 more words


Marked for Death (1990, Dwight H. Little)

The beginning of Marked for Death is nearly all right. It’s a prologue, with lead Steven Seagal–as a DEA agent–in Mexico, doing an undercover drug buy. 450 more words


Film Critic Lucky Steven Seagal Doesn't Know What Corpulent Means

Confucius says, ‘Never leave a donut untouched’

HOLLYWOOD–When film critic Peter Falconer met action star Steven Seagal at the popular Los Angeles eatery, Ernesto’s, he was nervous that the actor would take issue with his recent review of Seagal’s latest direct-to-video release, … 355 more words


On Russia and sanctions: a special message from Steven Seagal

The state of the world is bad. So bad that the evil judge the righteous, the spiritual are oppressed by the not-spiritual, classic films go straight to video and are discarded like yesterday’s garbage in the value bin near the checkout counter. 637 more words