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Hard to Kill (EP 53)

For The Last Row Podcast’s first episode of 2017, Drew and Badway turn to an old friend in Steven Seagal, who IS, in fact, Hard to Kill… 73 more words


On Deadly Ground: The Steven Seagal Drinking Game

A bit of a different post today, since this isn’t a review but a fun little game to play while watching any of Steven Seagal’s movies. 393 more words


“And the Award Goes to …”: Steven Seagal’s Oscar-Worthy Moment in “Hard to Kill”

Kevin: “Looks like you won the Oscar tonight Storm!” That’s what a fellow cop says to Steven Seagal’s character Mason Storm in “Hard to Kill,” after Storm has just killed or horribly maimed several gangbangers during an attempted convenience store robbery (the fact that the convenience store owner lies dead from a gunshot blast does not affect the jovial mood). 505 more words


Slack North Downs

“We were meant to be riding this together…”

I could see the anger in Jo’s eyes. I realised then, he and Gavin had been chasing us for the last hour. 996 more words


VGT Podcast Episode 4: Steven Seagal Squashes A 7 Year Old Girl

Welcome to Episode Four of the Video Game Therapy podcast, hosted by Dan (@NipnopsTV) and James (@JokesETC). In this episode, the boys eviscerate Steven Seagal’s recent movie A Good Man, discuss their Video Game of the Year for 2016 and answer listener questions. 34 more words


New Year, New Me?

December 31st. Last day of this year. You can’t help but wonder what 2017 will bring.

But no… that just sounds plain ominous. There’s something to be said for living your life on a day-by-day basis. 229 more words


Putin Hearts Steven Seagal

United States President-elect Vladimir Putin thinks eyebrow-raising action movie star Steven Seagal is a true friend.

So much so that Putin recently gave Seagal official Russian citizenship in November. 19 more words

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