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Steven Seagal Is Banned From Entering Ukraine, Presumably Because He's a Living, Breathing, Walking Weapon

Seems like folks in the Ukraine are starting to take notice of just how fierce Steven Seagal really is. It’s something us red-blooded Americans have known for decades. 573 more words


Ukraine Bans U.S. Film Star Seagal As 'National Security Threat'

Because he was really scary in ‘Under Siege’! ;)

Ukraine has banned U.S. action film star Steven Seagal from entering the country, labeling him a national security threat.

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Dir: Robert Rodriguez, Ethan Maniquis, 2010


It’s rather sad, that Britain didn’t get to experience a real “grindhouse” show.

Not blessed with drive-in theatres and over restrictive censorship, Britain missed out on what would, undoubtedly, be a wonderful and unforgettable time. 504 more words

Steven Seagal banned from Ukraine after being branded national security threat

  • Chris Graham

6 May 2017 • 9:32am

Steven Seagal has joined fellow actor Gérard Depardieu on a blacklist of cultural figures barred from entering Ukraine.

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Steven Seagal Is Deemed Too 'Dangerous' To Enter Ukraine, Gets A Five-Year Ban

Aikido master and straight to streaming action star Steven Seagal has been designated as too dangerous for Ukraine. So much so that the Ukrainian government has levelled a five-year ban on the… 190 more words

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Ukraine bans Steven Seagal as threat to national security

Ukraine has banned American actor Steven

Seagal for five years, with security services

labelling him a threat to national security. The

latest of blacklisted cultural figures, he had… 31 more words