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Saving Private Ryan review

Steven Spielberg directs this epic war drama centred on the WWII story of a group of US soldiers going deep into enemy lines to save Paratrooper Private Ryan whose brothers have been killed in the war, the film stars Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore. 374 more words


Ready Player One by Earnest Cline - Book Review

Ready Player One

by Earnest Cline

The year is 2045. Most of the world has succumb to poverty, war and environmental disaster. 18 year old Wade Watts, like most others, escapes his harsh reality by spending the majority of his time inside the OASIS, an immersive virtual world where anything can be created. 603 more words


Selma - A Conspiracy of Spielbergian Proportions ... or just bad timing?

Hmmm ….. seems EVERYONE is wondering how this important film about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with an outstanding performance by David Oyelowo, was denied Oscar nominations for the film’s director (would have been the first for an African American woman!) and actors. 206 more words

Sound And Vision

Entering the Creative World of Storytelling

Headset on and papers are in hand. Ok I got the crew sheets, breakdowns, script and oh yes the schedule of shoot. Plus I got my watch, can’t forget that. 379 more words

Saving Private Ryan Review

Director – Steven Spielberg

John Miller – Tom Hanks
Private Ryan – Matt Damon


After the historic event D-Day, Captain John Miller and his squad are sent on a mission through the German army to save Private Ryan. 265 more words


America, what a place!

So it turns out that I was just hallucinating the availability of The Secret of NIMH 2 on Netflix. And, as the idea of shelling out actual money to see it was just too depressing, I decided to chronologically move to the next film in Don Bluth’s oeuvre: … 662 more words

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