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"Ready Player One" - Awesome!!

I read a bad review of this film, so I had low expectations.

I’m not even a gamer, but.. Guess what? I loved the movie! 559 more words


Ready Player One

The main goal, or one of my main goals, this past weekend was, to see a movie with my best friend. I have to say that the Cineplex Movie Complex in Ottawa is a beautiful building. 1,020 more words

Steven Spielberg - Ready Player One

I know that Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One gets a lot of negative criticism; too much reliance on nostalgia,overly simplistic writing, tons of tropes. It is an easy book to hate on but let’s be realistic, Cline’s novel is a ton of fun to read and it does have a gripping plot. 352 more words

Ready Player One

All the hype — so much hype surrounding this movie and book. I had tried reading the book, but couldn’t get past the the first chapter because I didn’t really like the writing style. 222 more words

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My cat died on Christmas Eve... Steven Spielberg style

For my seventh birthday, my parents got me a present that would stay with me for almost two decades. Huddled at the bottom of a crate was a tiny kitten. 1,154 more words

Ready Player One by Alan Silvestri

Legendary director Steven Spielberg surely has been very prolific again. Only four months ago, his acclaimed film The Post had been released and recently Ready Player One hit the theaters. 1,004 more words