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Watch Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg Receive Medal of Freedom from President Obama

President Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom on Tuesday to 17 recipients, including Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand, Stephen Sondheim and James Taylor.

The Medal of Freedom is the White House’s highest civilian honor. 205 more words


Bridge of Spies: Film Review

I had high expectations for Bridge of Spies because it reunites the dream team of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, who have made incredible movies together such as Saving Private Ryan and Catch Me If You Can. 411 more words


Bridge of Spies: Review 

Bridge of Spies is of the standard that you’d expect from a collaboration between the likes of Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and the Coen brothers; a higher class of film-making which just works in every respect. 500 more words


Bridge of Spies (Steven Spielberg, 2015)

After a relatively long break, Steven Spielberg is back behind the director’s chair, and it was worth the wait.

Reading the description of Bridge of Spies, his first film since the hugely successful biopic Lincoln, it has all the hallmarks of some of his greatest achievements in cinema. 466 more words


Bridge of Spies Review

Plot- During the Cold War, an American lawyer is recruited to defend an arrested Soviet spy in court, and then help the CIA facilitate an exchange of the spy for the Soviet captured American U2 spy plane pilot, Francis Gary Powers. 303 more words


‘Bridge of Spies’ Review

I was struck by an unusual thought as I sat down to watch Bridge of Spies in the cinema last week. Here was a new movie, written by the Coen Brothers, starring Tom Hanks and directed by Steven Spielberg, and yet I knew almost nothing about it other than its cold war setting. 1,055 more words


Angry Steven Spielberg's Letter To Heavy Metal Over "1941"

Steven Spielberg’s “1941”—released in 1979—wasn’t a great film. But it is a WTF cinematic curiosity worth checking out if you have an extra couple of hours of your life you don’t mind never getting back. 140 more words

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