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Thoughts on roommates in college

I love the Office of Residence Life very much, with a few exceptions: When they are telling me my string contraptions are fire hazards, when they tell me I can’t stay in my River Terrace apartment for more than a year, and when they tell me I need a meal plan. 653 more words

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The SGA and me: a history of misunderstanding

For a while, I’ve promised to talk about the SGA in one of my editorials. That time is now.

I have been at this school for almost four years. 735 more words

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Dr. Bethany Reeves directs Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

It is important to remember with the approaching Valentine’s Day that love can appear in many forms: “Some Cupids kill with arrows, some with traps.” This line from William Shakespeare’s… 654 more words

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Ethics and automation: Dobbins vs. Vinsel

Cars are now safer than ever, although car accidents still claim the lives of over 30,000 Americans and over one million people around the globe each year. 462 more words

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Busy as a bae

It’s only the beginning of my second semester here, and I’m already pretty active on campus. My calendar is filled with club meetings pretty much every day, which may look too busy.  391 more words

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A retrospective on zombie games

This week, I solved the writer’s block that was plaguing me during the writing process for this week’s column by staring at H1Z1 streams on Twitch. 671 more words

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Love is not in the air

When it comes to love, I am, by and large, ashamed of my generation.

Ever since my generation learned how, hooking up has somehow found itself to be integrated into the ‘norm’ of our culture. 592 more words

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