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"We'll be birds flyin' free." (Unless you're a weka or a kiwi or a penguin.)

I’m not sure how I became interested in hunting for kiwis. Before I came to New Zealand, I saw a really nice picture of the bird and watched some videos from wildlife refuges, and suddenly, I was intrigued by the nocturnal creatures. 1,460 more words


24th December – Stewart Island

Word of warning, getting up at 4:30 will WRECK your body when you’re just shy of 30.  I don’t know how I managed to get up and out the door.  718 more words


23rd December – Gunns Camp to Stewart Island

Thanks to the fire, everyone has a good night’s sleep, although the fire boiling the water doesn’t have enough time to heat it past lukewarm. 887 more words


Wildlife Adventures on Stewart Island

Here we were on a tiny little boat rocketing through the seas; a blue speck in a grey seething mass…

Someone else had decided to hop off the Stray tour bus at Steward Island as well (a woman from south England named Rosie), so I met up with her the hostel and together we headed off into nature. 1,148 more words

New Zealand

On the Road Through the Fiords

8:00 = Notified of a 7.2 earthquake outside of Christchurch. Told people died and to calm loved ones back in civilization once we had service. 531 more words

New Zealand

Hoiho Quest

When I research a trip, I make a list of must sees, like to see, and hope to see.  On this year’s trip to the South Island of New Zealand, Kiwi’s and penguins were pretty high on the priority list.   910 more words

Travel Journal

Hiking with a baby (Embrace the adventure - part 2)

From the very beginning of the 15 kilometers, we struggled with the flooded pathway. After less than 10 steps I slipped clumsily into a mud pit. 840 more words