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The Alan Moore Jerusalem interview tapes, #1: Brexit, democracy and Stewart Lee

I recently spent six hours with Alan Moore. I wrote this feature about it. But the total interview transcript ran to 30,000 words. So, on my blog, in daily instalments, I’m going to be posting the edited highlights – as far as possible, all in Moore’s own words. 808 more words

If You Prefer a Milder Comedian, Please Ask for One

If You Prefer a Milder Comedian, Please Ask for One
 (2010) is a standup comedy live show by Stewart Lee, which you can get on… 1,600 more words

Distraction Pieces: A Review

Welcome, welcome, and a third referential welcome to this review of Scroobius Pip’s new book, Distraction Pieces. A collection of highlights from his iTunes-chart-topping podcast of the same name, Pip uses the written form to organise common topics that have been discussed with a variety of his guests since the podcasts inception in 2014. 241 more words


Fist of Fun, season 1

Fist of Fun is a TV show from 1995 written by and starring the 90s double act Lee & Herring (Stewart Lee and Richard Herring). It ran for two years and is available on DVD region 0/PAL from… 1,256 more words

The Flinging Faust Tapes From The Flat Window!

Today I spied a clip from Stewart Lee about his meeting with the band Faust and some twisted vegeance for an incident that was steeped in some urban legend that he heard somewhere or other (he supposedly “learned it from a booook”), about Johnny And The Self Abusers and some Faust records. 257 more words

Simple Minds

The Perfect Fool by Stewart Lee

In September 2006 British comedian Stewart Lee visited the American Southwest to learn about the koshare, a sacred clown within Pueblo Native American cultures. This clown wears black and white striped paint, a loin cloth, and corn husks on his head. 511 more words


Stewart Lee In Conversation With Alan Moore

One of my all-time favourite stand-ups and master of comedic timing, Stewart Lee, sits down with Northamptonshire legend Alan Moore to have a chat about writing. 41 more words