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If I write “This is a note that no-one will read” on a piece of paper, then burn it, then it becomes true. If I write “This is a blog that no-one reads” in a blog post it is true up to the point that someone reads it, at which point it becomes false.It is therefore an entirely ridiculous thing for me to write. 467 more words


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Markov Stewart Leecraft

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utterly exotic workmanship, and with him almost against my newly opened Golden Ball Inn, he arranged for the most abnormal quality. 381 more words

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Political Correctness Gone Marvellous

In June, two 9-year-old American kids sent a letter to the chairman of Walt Disney Parks complaining about some of the potentially damaging stereotypes they encountered at Disneyland and Disneyworld. 376 more words


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Markov Stewart Leecraft

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By the current election, politicians so gaffe-prone that watching them explain themselves, even to archaeologists, and merely shrugged its shoulders at my watch and saw that I set in the forbidden land– highest of the department of comparative anatomy. 582 more words

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My 7 favourite Top of the Pops moments

I mentioned Top of the Pops in a piece I wrote a couple of weeks back, and it got me thinking about my favourite moments from the show. 641 more words


On not-writing, Stewart Lee and breaking up with academia

Young would-be academics are like Arctic polar bears. Every year the ice beneath them gets thinner, and every year there are fewer and fewer resources to sustain them. 1,708 more words

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