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“Do you want to go to Walmart?” I ask my roommate at 10:48pm on a Monday night. We both have class tomorrow and we’ve been sitting on our couch drinking wine and watching the bachelor for the past 2 hours. 267 more words


A "Little Big Show": A Review of Unknown Mortal Orchestra at the Neptune Theatre on January 29th

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is a group that defies the established margins of rock n’ roll recording, so I was very intrigued to experience their live performance at the… 836 more words

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magrum007117 Introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Garrett Magrum or magrum007117. I am … years old, male, and go to ……… school… HA HA I don’t go to school any more, yet… 166 more words


magrum007117's GOTY 2015!!!!

HI ALL!!! Names magrum007117, or garrett, or g$, or whatever…. introductions later. For now lets get started with the top 5 list……………….

(Quick side note, these are games that I, ME, MYSELF have played and only MY opinion… don’t get butthurt if a game isn’t mentioned) 326 more words


STG Podcast #1

Tune in for the first official STG Podcast!


A Preview of Unknown Mortal Orchestra at The Neptune Theatre on January 29th

January 29th means one thing to me: my birthday. I have been lucky enough to find a concert to go to on or around my birthday every year for the past couple of years, and have now made it a quasi-tradition to go to a “birthday concert.” Normally the bands are a little pushed into my music taste for the occasion, but I found out that… 377 more words