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Why Stress?

Stress is a short word. Too bad it’s not always short term. What is stressful for you?

— Actually, no. Don’t even think about it. Just read my story and don’t bring up stress for yourself because it’s a horrible awful feeling. 271 more words

New Projects (Spring 2016)

Easter is over – Spring is defiantly in the air – despite the storms – and STG are looking for new projects for the rest of the year and beyond. 98 more words


Coming Soon: EpicSlayer934's Call of Duty Zombies Gameplay

Call of Duty and I go way back, and sometimes.. I kinda wish that wasn’t the case. Over recent years, the Call of Duty franchise has slowly been degenerating, and I honestly don’t think its going to come back.. 361 more words


A Review of Animal Collective at The Neptune on March 4th

To get an idea of what this show was like take a look at Animal Collective’s video for their song FloriDada:

This video for… 604 more words


The Terror Test - EP 14 - It Follows & The VVITCH

THE TERROR TEST podcast is a conversation between two horror fans to weigh the merits of films and decide whether to admit them  into our sacred horror canon.  201 more words



“Do you want to go to Walmart?” I ask my roommate at 10:48pm on a Monday night. We both have class tomorrow and we’ve been sitting on our couch drinking wine and watching the bachelor for the past 2 hours. 267 more words