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Shmup Essentials: Raiden V

It’s interesting to see how the Raiden series has evolved over time, what with it being one of the longest-running series of shoot ’em ups that is still relevant today. 1,460 more words


STG Acquires Extra Express

A recipient of the Florida Governor’s Business Ambassador Medal, Chris Jamroz is a logistics executive in North America. Currently, Chris Jamroz serves as the CEO of St. 176 more words

Chris Jamroz

Future Titles (Sept 2017)

Been a while huh? And I need a fresh reminder on my writing goals, and I need more order. Plus, more Sketch a Day; I might modify this list later.  134 more words

Doggie Sketch-A-Day

Russian Premium STG Medium: Available on NA & Coming to EU

It might be short and squat, but the Russian STG packs a deadly punch! STG is now available on NA Region, and it will be coming on September 9th to the EU Region. 144 more words

Shmup Essentials: Muchi Muchi Pork

Although rather less active than it once was, Cave was once an extremely prolific producer of some highly varied and creative shoot ’em ups.

Some of their series — such as  1,252 more words


Shmup Essentials: DoDonPachi Resurrection

My first encounter with DoDonPachi Resurrection — also known as DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu — was in its iOS incarnation.

I’d never really played a danmaku  1,014 more words


World of Tanks Supertest: STG "Guard" - Russian Premium Medium

For those who don’t know, STG is a Tier VIII Russian Premium Medium, currently still under Supertest. With Update 9.20 a “Hero” version of this vehicle has showed up. 217 more words