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Long haired Irishman errors 

‘Wow wow wowwwwww’ that’s Irish for ‘you’ve spilt your pint’. And split your head open. Grab that man a shirt and pack him off to A&E for emergency surgery on that hairdo.

What an error.


This From The LEAST Risky Skin Cancer ...

Wear your sunblock, kids …

This is not the first time I have been cut into, and I’m sure it will not be that last, given that I am of Irish descent, but have lived my entire life in Arizona, where the duration of sunshine (in the Sonoran Desert in which Tucson sits) is second only to the Sahara Desert, world-wide.  301 more words

Color Photography

Blame It On The Rain...

Never again will a rainy day get you down when you have one of these amazing Sourpuss Umbrellas keeping you dry! Our umbrellas are 23cm long when folded, and extend out to 53.5cm when opened. 39 more words

Product News

The Testimony of My Scars

I had just finished cooking dinner and as we were getting ready to sit down to eat all of a sudden I hear this cry. I looked up and it  was my baby girl who instead of coming to tell me what was wrong she tried to go upstairs to take care of it. 808 more words


Shawn Mendes singing 'Stitches' on 'Ellen' is the cutest thing you'll see all day

Get ready to #tbt to your teenage years when JTT, BSB and other Tiger Beat heartthrobs lined your walls.

Sweet as can be Shawn Mendes performed… 112 more words



Day 82

Friday, March 27th

Today was my first day of spring break! First I went to brunch with Cody. We went to Mama’s Cafe and had a pretty good breakfast! 601 more words



This is a shot of my left hand.  The dogs are there mostly because when I tried to take a shot without them they walked into it. 144 more words