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Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

i miss you a lot, at strange times and in strange ways. There’s a small sinkhole in your corner of the kitchen and i almost fall into it every morning and evening when i engage in certain routines. 414 more words

Bipolar Disorder

i don't know what anything is.

i had a space in my head
a great big empty space
and i rented it out to Depression
not realising that a deal struck with Him… 128 more words

Stick Me To The Fridge, Will You?

Misery Loves Company

“Misery loves company.”
With all the intricate nuances of the English language, that statement has so many potential meanings.
Misery loves company (prov.): 350 more words

Bipolar Disorder

there is no integrity, sincerity or consistency with bipolar disorder. you can know who you are, what you mean and what you’re saying, and in a heartbeat it’s bullshit. 444 more words

Bipolar Disorder

i want to write songs

i want to write songs.
Beautiful songs. Songs with imagery and meaning and feeling. But my life is devoid of the abstract beauty of such songs. 248 more words

Muppet Musings

Old Shoelaces

i’ve been so out of touch.
i feel stable. i feel happy, even. But something is amiss. Music no longer speaks to me. Words no longer bleed from me. 244 more words

Bipolar Disorder


Sometimes words are replaced by voiceless sounds. By animal calls, abstract, random notes and white noise. Maybe it’s better this way. Perhaps, for the time being, drawings, pictures and symbols are the substitutes for letters and syllables. 13 more words