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I'm Different. So What?

Hey guys, today I wore an epic shirt that was made with neon paints and markers. It had a bunch of signs like music notes, hearts, and peace signs. 310 more words

Stick out? Or, Blend in with the crowd?

Sometimes its hard to be yourself cause you’re trying so to be accepted as “cool” “popular” because society labels that people who are trying to be nothing but, themselves is wrong. 183 more words


That's a stick out!

Well, it is a stick out!

Spotted on the way into work one morning.

Stand Out like a sore thumb

stand/stick out like a sore thumb

if someone or something sticks out like a sore thumb, everyone notices them because they are very different from the other people or things around them.

(Idioms Dictionary.com)

I Get It Comic

Truly predictable Darwin Award candidate

What began as a fun night on the town ended in death Sunday after a 24-year-old Clinton Township man pushed through a hatch on a party bus and hit his head on an overpass, Michigan State Police said. 182 more words


Stick In to Stick Out: Abiding in Christ

Last week, I noticed an anxiety welling up within me. As I sat at the feet of Jesus daily, I sensed Him drawing me even closer to Him. 710 more words

Moment By Moment With God