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CriminalRecords.us.org: Who Knew A Stick Shift Could Stop Crimes?

Here at CriminalRecords.us.org, we are fascinated by crimes. CriminalRecords.us.org is also interested in efforts that reduce crime. So we at CriminalRecords.us.org are intrigued by a recent case that suggests owning a stick shift instead of an automatic car can be safer. 249 more words


Off to Penzance!

I was reminiscing about a time when my sister and I needed to get a rental car in London to take us to Penzance, 300 miles due west in the county of Cornwall.   372 more words

South Carolina Kidnapping Thwarted Because Abductor Couldn't Drive Stick Shift

SUMTER, S.C. (AP) — Police say a kidnapping in South Carolina was thwarted because the would-be abductor couldn’t operate a manual stick shift in the victim’s car. 112 more words


Jackson Part 2: UnHinged - Survived by Tara

WHO: Jackson, a 35 year old grown up with a real job and car

WHAT: Not real life! We met on Hinge about 6 months ago, but then met while he was in line buying his sister a christmas present at my place of work. 543 more words

Remember your first car?

Mine was a Chevrolet Biscayne, and boy, did I love her!  I called her Jitney and she brought all the independence my teen mind longed for.   1,326 more words

News flash! Pickup truck exerts mystical bond!

The alley will provide a pathway to reincarnation for a well-seasoned member of our family, our 16 year-old Ford Ranger pick-up truck. Goodwill will tow the truck this week and ease it into its next role  – perhaps for transportation or vocational training. 665 more words

#38 Learn to Drive Stick Shift

#38 Learn to Stick Shift

Any of my interest and knowledge of cars can be much attributed to my dad. Back in the good ol’ days he used to be one of the top Lincoln car salesman in Seattle. 260 more words