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A Sticking Point

One little detail about my fine new vehicle (the Renault Scenic) that I have not previously mentioned is that it is a stick shift, or manual transmission. 641 more words


Car-less in New Orleans

Shortly after moving here, I wrote a blog post about driving in polite and patient New Orleans as compared to traffic-laden road-rage Los Angeles. Driving was so often miserable in L.A., that I did it as little as possible and almost always tried to make it fun – convertible top down, taking winding roads in the hills rather than freeways, music cranked. 486 more words

New Orleans

Goodbye Red, Hello Silver

Do not panic, I am not changing my hair color. Although my natural color is probably pretty much silver (aka grey). Anyway I had to say goodbye to my red Saturn VUE. 859 more words


Farmer Girl

Driving through Omaha last week, of course smack dab in the middle of rush hour…Scared the living crap out of me!  I had mom and Bubba keeping an eye out on whether or not I had room to change lanes, mom kept saying I was doing fine and to stop worrying and Bubba was freaking out and kept asking if I was okay.   622 more words


Why You Should Learn to Drive a Manual

Our ability to learn is one of our most fascinating attributes. We have an entire lifetime to fill ourselves with knowledge, both given to us by others and acquired by ourselves. 2,173 more words


One of the most romantic images in American culture is someone speeding off into the sunset in a convertible. Freedom. In our car culture, getting your drivers’ license is a rite of passage. 470 more words