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Goodbye to the old car

I think the last car we bought new was our 1997 Saturn. Only cost about 12 grand. It ran well for a long time, but then started giving us a lot of trouble during the last few years. 107 more words


Tell Me About Your First Car

Was it a brand-new Dodge Shadow, because your dad worked for Chrysler? Did you inherit your mom’s old Volvo with 200,000 miles on it? Or did you hand over $100 to some stranger and drive off in his old jalopy? 616 more words

Observations And Musings

Tips for Driving a Stick Shift

If you have never driven stick it can be extremely daunting. There are three pedals instead of two and you can’t just rest your hand on the gear shifter, you actually have to use it. 560 more words

Auto Dealers

Christmas/Graduation Gift

Last night my parents got me a new Jeep. It was supposed to be a graduation present, but I got it before Christmas. I am very excited. 76 more words


Week 25: “A nickel! I open my own hotel!” or, Bratislava, Slovakia

Anyone who’s watched EuroTrip will recognize the incredibly over-exaggerated quote above, spoken by a Bratislavan in the movie and poking fun at the perceived low cost of living in Eastern Europe. 968 more words


5 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Car Guy

If you are a female who is uninterested in the car scene then you may want to read this before making the decision to date a car guy. 839 more words


A Sticking Point

One little detail about my fine new vehicle (the Renault Scenic) that I have not previously mentioned is that it is a stick shift, or manual transmission. 641 more words