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Happy Planner Supplies

Many people ask me how I stay organized and I always answer RIGHTING THINGS DOWN. Starting in middle school I always had a school planner and even in college I continued to use one once life got super crazy and honestly it was a life saver! 491 more words


Curled Flower French

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday! This weekend was hectic, between a wedding and two easter events, in different states! I didn’t have time to edit any nail art…but I got some done last night so here you go! 159 more words

Nail Art

Plan it with a sticker

So you know how some people have amazingly tidy and aesthetically pleasing handwriting? Yeah…that’s not me. a chicken could maybe win against me at this. Look at that concentration. 602 more words

Huge Bag o'goodness

I have seriously lost my mind!

The stash of stuff I am letting go of this month includes 6 months of a Create 365 planner.  This is a great opportunity for someone to try out a disk system with NO investment (other than following my Instagram account @pen_paper_post) and dropping a comment with your user name below. 174 more words


My Favourite Planner Supplies

I’m not sure about you but it doesn’t matter what I buy I still have some good old favourites that I go back to time and time again. 290 more words


Not so messy play

My little girl, like most toddlers, likes painting, but there are days when I can’t quite face removing it from the inside of her ears and rooms we haven’t even been in. 435 more words


Toddler travel toys

Which toys to take on holiday for the toddler is something I’ve been putting a lot of thought into for the past few weeks. From experience I know that most of the suitcase will be taken up with the toddler’s gear, yet as well as toys for the journey he’ll need some other entertainment while we’re away or Mum and Dad will be on constant entertainment alert and unable to sit in a corner quietly sipping French wine . 617 more words