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Vinyl Rewind - Sticky, Sticky Fingers

Ok, ok, so if I’m going to have a wee chat about this album, you can’t but not start with the album cover…

Yes, there’s a massive penis, you can’t really avoid it. 713 more words


Sticky Fingers

At the end of the summer, I pulled honey frames from my two bee hives.

As long as the bees are left with at least 70 pounds of honey to get them through the winter, the beekeeper can take any surplus.   473 more words

February Playlist

Time for a new one! It’s been a while (a little longer than I’d like to admit) but anyway, this playlist has some unusual songs- ones that I don’t really associate my music taste with *ahem- Pitbull* but I can’t seem get the songs out of my head. 83 more words

Sticky Fingers

The life of the finger

Fingers, fingers, fingers and fingers.

Not fish fingers or chocolate fingers or sticky fingers, but the fingers of the hand. Those digits that we use daily for signing, lifting, licking, pointing, poking, scratching, and picking, without a second thought. 327 more words