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My Life = Sticky Notes

My life is a deck of sticky notes, their colorful square shape decorating every available surface in my room. My desk is covered, my headboard is full, and my window is papered to opaque. 94 more words


Forgetful...Was I Always This Way?

Yep, so I finally did it.  I finally broke down and bought a day planner.   It’s nothing fancy, and yes I do have an iPhone with a calendar, but it does help me to at least remember day to day events.   417 more words

Dreaming Of Mommyhood - General

The Categorization Catastrophe

Throughout high school, I always reached these points (particularly at the beginning of each successive semester) at which I would determine that I needed to buckle down and finally decide to make myself a pattern of organization that I could definitively stick to. 293 more words

The World Through My Eyes

Google Keep

Although I have my trusty journal beside me at all times, I usually don’t write one sentence ideas or thoughts in it because I want to save the space for more in-depth conversations with myself. 101 more words


Project 1 Incidental Line Part 3

Finally we are wrapping up this first project with the final four images.

The first three images were actually all taken from the same piece. I used a pad of sticky notes, dipped the edge in the black paint, then thumbed through them as fast as possible. 172 more words

Advanced Art

The Sticky-Note Mystery

I’ve mentioned before that I usually have a notebook with me in which to jot down ideas, whether for stories, client work or blog posts. I also make copious use of sticky notes – several decorate my computer monitor as I type this, with more on my desk and sticking out from the pages of my notebooks. 202 more words


Sticky-notes Galore

The efforts behind editing my second book are aided by that beautiful, colorful, clean, precise little scrap of paper we all know and love, called a sticky-note. 266 more words

New Book