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TK8 Sticky Notes - #Sharing

My post yesterday on Goals made me realize (once again) that I’d be lost without my Sticky Notes on my desktop. Yeah, I know there’s one included with Windows, but it’s limited. 109 more words


To do list

‘Cos everyone needs one. Or a few. This is mine, and you might find it helpful.
1. Learn how to calculate your time
2. Make a list of priorities… 47 more words

Good to know!

Have you ever wondered why the sticky notes are not always that sticky? The explanation below looks sensible for me. Happy sticking!

The Wrong Way…

217 more words
Sticky Notes

2.9mb සර්වසම්පූර්ණ note app එකක්.  (   PERFECT NOTE APP FOR 2MB.  )



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Note ඇප් නම් ඕන තරම් තියෙනව නෙහ් .ඇයි මේක ගැන ලොකුවට දාන්නේ? ඔව්. ඒත් මේකේ තියනව ලොකු වාසියක් .2.97mb ඇප් එකේ size එක.වෙන ලොකු app එකක් වෙනුවට මේක දාන එකෙන් ඔයාට phone එකේ ඉඩ ඉතුරු කර ගන්න පුලුවන් මොකද මේක ගොඩක් ලොකු caches හදන්නෙත් නැති නිසා. 177 more words


Studying Made Easy!

I seriously don’t know if it’s a mental disorder, but my brain works best at night….Between 9am and 3pm hardly anything gets done but come night-time and I can study ’til 3am! 120 more words

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Downtown with my sister 

This afternoon, I went in my #downtown (first for my inscription in my college, but it’s boring…)…

After, we went in a #coffee and we drank an icechoco cookies : 41 more words

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