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I opened my door for you and you came in and burned my house down.

my lungs are filling with smoke but i cant breathe (via missinyouiskillingme)


Track : Sparrows - Get To Know You | @sparrowstunes

We starting this day on a positive note with the find of the Sydney, Wales based hidden gem Sparrows who delights us for the first time today with the release of her new single ‘Get To Know You.’ 14 more words


Track : Mus Matos - Verbatim | @MusMatos

I lost count on the amount of hidden gems today but the source keeps providing as we welcome the up and coming Philly based singer/songwriter Mus Matos who can definitely be described and listed as a artist to watch, after checking out his new single ‘Verbatim.’ 14 more words


Video : Kano Sunsay & Santiuve - Tokaos del ala | @KanoSunsay @Santiuve

And from the Netherlands we are moving to Spain where the Madrid based up and coming artist Kano Sunsay is waiting to make his first appearance here on Moody Without Music as he presents the visuals for his new single ‘Tokaos del ala,’ on which he teams up with Santiuve. 13 more words


Video : Alexander Charles - Silly Me ft Young Savage | @AlxndrChrls @YoungSavage215

Another discovery of a artist who you should definitely check out, while stumbling over the Philly based hidden gem named Alexander Charles who makes a strong appearance with the visuals for his new single ‘Silly Me’ on which he taps in Young Savage. 9 more words


Welcome to My Web Design Haven

This blog is about my studies in Web Design. I’ll write about my journey to a new skill. Enjoy your stay.

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i need to looseweight 

here is day 1 : no rice lunch

no rice dinner

#eatclean #noricechallenge

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