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Black Cherry with Crème is  my Autobiography

-It is a tale of The Complexities of Growing Up with a Triune Personality:

Black Cherokee Irish.

This Autobiography is Dedicated:

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Warmth Squared is now OPEN!

The Warmth Squared shop is officially open! You can visit it here.

Remember, for every purchase you make on the Warmth Squared Etsy shop, half of the proceeds will go to Lunch Break, a social support organization and food kitchen in Red Bank, NJ. 52 more words

Corianne Egan


Pemain : Super Junior

Genre : Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Urban.

Sinopsis: Meski hanya kumpulan puing dan debu, SESA adalah rumahnya. SESA adalah bentengnya, satu-satunya tempat berlindung yang ia ingat sejak pemusnahan itu merusak bumi dan meluluh-lantakan segalanya. 121 more words

Fan Fiction


Her cold, shiny, motionless gaze was not directly focused on what she observed and – this disturbed- almost touched him. It did not look like a sign of weakness, or embarrassment or lack of sincerity but as a continuing need of loneliness that stand above every other feeling and of which she became aware perhaps only in that way… 12 more words

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Tales from the world of an Academic Research Assistant

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I am a Research Associate/Assistant for a Reader in Sports History and in a nutshell my life is a bit like being detective ~ I take a athlete, coach or team and using as many different archival resources as I can, retrieve as much information about the subject as possible, preferably along the way, uncovering some unknown piece of evidence that debunks an old sporting legend.   152 more words

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Bonhomie: Fall 2015

Bonhomie Journal, powered by the Oread Center, is coming in September 2015.

Bonhomie is a French-English word that simply means congeniality and hospitality.  Stemming from the French roots of… 58 more words

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