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पितृ-पक्ष पर अपने पितरों को जल जरुर चढ़ाइए, और हो सके तो थोड़ा दान पुण्य भी करिए। धार्मिक कारणों से तो ये महत्वपूर्ण है ही, इसका अपना एक तार्किक कारण भी है।

सोचियेये जब आपके पूर्वजों के आस पास के लोगों का तलवार के दम पर धर्मांतरण करवाया जा रहा था, और दूसरी ओर चावल की बोरियों के एवज में उन्हें दूसरे देवताओं का रास्ता दिखाया जा रहा था तब उन्होंने अपने धर्म को बचाने की ठानी। ना वो डरे, ना लोभ में पड़े। और सनातन धर्म पथ पर अडिग रहे, इसके लिए वो सम्मान के उत्तराधिकारी हैं।


Get Ready to be Invaded

Hello! If you are reading this, it means you have successfully discovered Elaine’s half-assed blog that somehow still happened.

While she is no expert, this site will be her avenue to compile all the repetitive yet pretty useful shit people have been asking about her travels, mostly on South Korea. 32 more words

!Sticky Post

A Coffee Table

Never start to build your dreams with no plan ..

Setiap orang/individu, pasti punya mimpi indah untuk masa depannya. Butuh motivasi, kerja keras dan semangat tinggi, untuk mewujudkan mimpi tersebut. 668 more words

What You Need To Know

Welcome to my brain!

Howdy do, I’m Caitie, or Lunasia (I don’t care so :p).

I pretty much only made this blog in the beginning to rant, but turns out I hated it lol, so I changed it to just things I want to post about. 205 more words


So much is going on!

There are a lot of things happening on the national level that are disturbing to many of us. One good thing about this is that these changes are motivating people to get involved. 50 more words

Hello first post...

As you can gather by the blog title my name is Elinor. This is my family.

I draw…I cringe at calling myself an ‘artist’ because I’m just not sure I deserve to own that title, hopefully I will eventually (maybe you’ll let me know when I’ve gotten there). 295 more words


Hi, this is a short introduction that will stick to the top of the page to remind you that the entire content of this blog dates back to a long time ago. 131 more words

Creative Writing: Pieces Of Me