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Sticky Honey & Whiskey Pork Ribs

Coming home from an awesome holiday can more often than not be really a depressing experience, that is unless you come home from week in the minus temperatures to the first proper day of Spring. 307 more words


Chinese New Year: Spicy Pork Ribs

I love, love, love Chinese New Year – in fact I love it more than the Western New Year, there’s something more spiritual and magical about it and as a long time martial artist it has an extra-special meaning for me. 351 more words


42. China Part 3: Shanghai: Sweet and Sour Sticky Ribs

Shanghai is most eastern and also biggest (25 million, and yes you read that right) and richest city in China.  The funniest part is that Shanghai we know today didn’t exist 25 years ago it was just farmland! 490 more words

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The Bone-Yard! Sticky soy ribs

So I got a bit of flack recently from a few pals when I posted my ‘tidy’ ribs and remoulade to my facebook page – I guess it was a bit of a mistake because I broke every single rule in my own ‘rules on ribs’ rule book (mouthful) so I can’t complain and as a result I am consigning this rib style to the archives. 447 more words


Guido's Boston Short Ribs

This is something I made which was inspired by the flavours of some Boston Baked Beans that I had, this smokey rich sweet flavour lends itself very nicely to a Rib Marinade. 278 more words

Boston Baked Beans