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Two English Girls

I was on a roll with Truffaut’s films till I got to Two English Girls, which based on a Henri-Pierre Roche novel. Again Jean-Pierre Léaud stars as Claude, a young man whose mother sends him to stay with her British friend, who’s the mother of two young women, Ann and Muriel. 285 more words



Evening Friends,

Wow, I don’t know what’s going on- this is a symptom I have never experienced before and it is so weird and unpleasant- but my neck is so stiff and sore that I cannot move it in one direction or the other. 190 more words


Just another mental thing

We all want to be stiff now and then in any matter.
What happens next is certainly not in our hands, but what we can do next is definitely in our hands. 269 more words



One step forward
Ten stretches back
Claim my Psyche
Or express fact
Rumble and shower
All comes back
Out the world
To your word act…

150 more words

A darkly delightful book of the dead

For the record, family: Do not donate my body to science when I die. Let them harvest an organ or two, scoop out my eyes like melon balls, carve off a carpet swatch of skin. 364 more words


Throwback Review

Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach

4/5 Stars

Genre: Science, Non Fiction

Those whose libraries are filled with fiction very rarely enjoy a non-fiction book. 441 more words

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