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Our Communication, Not Always Clear.

I tell her to soften, stay forward, bend just a bit around the inside leg.

She hears something completely different:

-” Yes!  I should emulate a stick!  42 more words


The Man Shows

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In the current crop of television for the young, educated, analytical woman, show runners such as Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling, and Shonda Rhimes often provoke visceral reactions (naked Ping-Pong, anyone?) to drive home our identification with the characters they’ve created. 385 more words

Turn it off and on again...for your Muscles

Do you suffer from a tight muscle?  You know, that trap that just won’t calm down or those hip flexors that need to chill out?  Maybe you have underactive glutes or lower traps that just won’t pull their weight when you need them to and it’s holding you back from that barbell overhead pistol squat you’ve always dreamed of? 563 more words


FUCKING THEORY: Men and women rarely succeed as long-term friends without sex.


Behold the FUCKING THEORY, which will prevent the wise from wasting valuable time, effort, and resources.

Men and women are too very different species, that are highly incompatible as long-term platonic friends based on my observations. 406 more words


The silence of the sleeping houses was broken by a dull sound, muffled by the piles of snow which still covered the ground. The snow had a greyish hue in the weak rays of the winter sun. 529 more words

Occasional Stories By Eric Gandy

Exercise Day 57 and 58

Day 57

Walked 2 miles

Day 58

I am in now so much pain. I have no idea what is going on, moving hurts. So today I have spent it either on the sofa or in a hot bath and trying various stretches