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F is for Fiberglass

One use of epoxy is bonding wood to wood. Laminating shaft strips comes to mind. Another way to use epoxy though, is in conjunction with fiberglass, a truly miraculous material. 218 more words

Stiff Payment

On sunny spring days,

what is more satisfying

than earnest labor;

effort invested for the

coming lazy summer days.


How to Add Moisture to Dried out Cannibas

If your green is dry, crunchy, brittle, and falling apart, just add a small piece of orange peel to your bag or jar. Seal it for a few hours (1-3) then simply take it out and toss it. 76 more words

5 More Great Non-Fiction Books for Health Care Professionals

By Paul Marone, Senior HP Marketing and Social Media Manager

My colleague Andy McPhee previously wrote a list of his favorite non-fiction books related to health care and health care professionals.  485 more words

For Students

2015, February 26 – 277 – airplanes

planes are amazing (5)
a speeding tube with stiff wings (7)
a leap in knowledge (5)


The old couple

Grey hair,

Wrinkled skin,

Joints a bit stiff,
Worn smiles,

They sat in comfortable silence.

They didn’t need words,
He knew her

She knew him. 119 more words


Seeking of Lotus (Haiku)

Seeking of lotus

A position elusive

To the stiff novice

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~