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Rocky Forgot How To Fly

Apparently this is what happens to Rocky when he forgets how to fly, or at least this is what I imagine would happen to him if he did in mid-flight. 285 more words



When your body aches it’s hard to determine how much of it is attributed to your aging bones, overall health, and mindset. I am 54, not exactly a spring chicken anymore and I also have degenerating bones and arthritis; however, I’m also on the depressed atmosphere of things today. 298 more words

BDF2a: An adaptive-stepsize Stiff ODE solver in Maxima

Since 2011, Maxima has included the user-contributed numerical ODE solver rkf45() created by Panagiotis Papasotiriou.  This implementation of the fourth (and fifth) order Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg embedded method features adaptive timestep selection and a nicely optimized function evaluation to make it run pretty fast in Maxima.   395 more words

Grandma's idea, LOL

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A slightly more serious blog at lorieb.com  includes articles on the things I am most passionate about, such as health & wellness, current events, my wheat allergy, relationships, parenting and more.   45 more words


Ogee Petals Wallpaper Pattern in a Powder Room

“Ogee” means double continuous “S” pattern. This wallpaper pattern sure has them! It is also reminiscent of flower petals, and so has been called “Petals” in some of its incarnations. 375 more words

Adorable Pattern; Difficult Install

Many people love this pattern, but few have the chutzpah to put it on their walls. The owner of a new home in Spring Branch (Houston) took the leap and had me put it in her powder room – and it looks fantastic. 226 more words