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At Premium CleanEdge Kick Mat with Invisible Strap and

Many people like to use natural edging. They are made of small rocks, pebbles, plants, mulch or even pieces of wood. They are an informal kind of… 293 more words

Drifted Apart

I am watching myself from the outside.
As if my soul is fed up with this bitter person.
Decided to drift apart.
Roaming aimlessly.
I am watching myself and hating it. 202 more words

Prose Poetry

Second Lesson: Dat Follow Through Doe

I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have some sort of rigid portion of my swing where I don’t trust in creating a swinging motion. 993 more words

Dream Job


39:35 swim 2100 yds

I was kinda stuff from last nights bike ride. It took a few hundreds to loosen up. It sure felt good to swim. 24 more words


Systems Bundle 1 Stiff and Flexible Muscle Roller Stick

Massage It : Gentle massage, done a day or two after a hard workout, can help ease sore, stiff muscles, says Ullyot. “Massage is wonderful for bringing circulation to the area,” she says. 367 more words

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

Released towards the end of 1978 and got to number 1 in January 1979, this Ian Dury single showed that the mixture of clever lyrics and great music was a hit with the record buying public. 196 more words