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Brilliant Book Titles #31

Ah, those one word titles! Also, weirdly, I first heard of this book when one character recommends it to another in the HBO drama Six Feet Under… 118 more words

Maggots Are Ass Breathers And Other Stuff I Learned From Mary Roach

I have a huge professional crush on Mary Roach. Since her first book Stiff she’s been making me LMFAO and teaching me science. Last night she spoke about her new book… 171 more words

What are you doing after death?

I started reading Stiff by Mary Roach ,a book about cadavers, & it’s honestly changed my way on death. I start wanting to ask people what are you doing with your body after death? 27 more words


I'm breakin' through, I'm bendin' spoons, I'm keepin' flowers in full bloom

This book was book club read and it really wasn’t something I would have picked up on my own. Ultimately I’m glad I did. I’m not particularly sentimental about my remains so I’ve always said I’d either be cremated or donate my remains to science. 294 more words

Two books by Mary Roach

As some of you may know, I co-host a podcast about books and writing, The Library Police. One of the great joys of doing that podcast is the occasional chance to interview famous authors – indeed, there may be no single day where I was more geeked out than the day where we interviewed Jeffery Deaver  1,089 more words

Book Reviews

luvy ,
i could use an elevator, i actively lifted this HUGE basket this morning –

my back is stiff … … 7 more words

The Principle of the Thing

July 5 is the birthday of Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica. I have always wanted to take a summer with the Principia and derive the calculus from first principles; however, I have not yet had a summer in which I was smart enough to do this. 1,094 more words

Carl Sagan