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Project: Anglerfish - A "facelift" for our antagonist

Hey ho :)

Seeing that I haven’t posted anything for quite some time now, I thought I could just aswell give you a little update on the ongoing… 101 more words


Project: Anglerfish - Creating Evil

Hello, fellow internetians :D

As promised last week, I present you with a complete overhaul of the antagonist of our Project: Anglerfish. We gave him a name, but since only the bravest of brave dare utter it, it will have to remain secret, I fear. 107 more words


Project: Anglerfish - Creating Our Hero

Hey everyone :)

Seeing that I haven’t posted anything for quite some time, I thought I might give you some information about our ongoing project. We are currently in the middle of modelling the two characters and adding materials to them, before we are going to start with actually animating than (that is, adding motion to the scene). 173 more words


Underwater Restaurant

This is a simple visualisation of an underwater restaurant that I did for a friend of mine. I kept it simple and didn’t create complex textures or a detailed lighting setup, as it was only meant to give the audience a general idea of the project. 32 more words


A Simple Spider

Experimenting with curves and glass materials, I ended up creating this spider. I don’t have any images of the “work in progress”, but it really wasn’t that difficult. 59 more words


Rosenrot - Album Artwork Recreation

Seeing that I’m quite a Rammstein fan, at some point in time I decided to go ahead and try to recreate the album cover artwork of the Rosenrot-album. 93 more words


Red Rose

‘Red Rose’

Photographer: Aj Capistrano | AJDC Studios