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no goodbye.

I wanted to say goodbye. But instead all I got was more time. I had my message down pat.
I knew what I wanted to say. 249 more words


When the doctor says, "You know, you almost died."

The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.
(Proverbs 16:9)

Three weeks ago to the day I stumbled into the emergency room. 655 more words

In Real Life

Tale of the Eclipse: Dragging to the Finish Line

Once again I’m back from the dead. I feel like it’s only necessary to inform the world of my current whereabouts/status/progress/and everything else, as it’s only been over a month since my last update. 489 more words

Game Development

5 Extinct Animals That May Still Be Alive

We live in a world today that has not yet been fully explored. Therefore, nobody can be absolutely certain that many of the animals that have been declared extinct are no longer amongst us. 24 more words


Kidoh (키도): Still Alive


maeil achim chulgeunhasineun abeojiegeseo daedanhameul baewotgo
maeil gachi achimeul charisin eomeoniege gyeonggeonhami neukkyeojyeo
I’m feeling lose, I’m feeling lose haruui sijagilji mollado
achim haega jeo wie tteoseodo keoteuneun jamsiman jeobeodwo… 325 more words