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My Steam Award Nominations

It’s been three days since the last GW2 patch dropped and I haven’t even set foot in the story chapter or the new map yet. 868 more words


Top 10 Promotional Songs in Video Games

You know what I love – music in video games.  Especially when it’s really good.  When it’s not, it sucks.  But there are so many truly amazing songs that transcend how I think about a game or that set the tone perfectly.  1,781 more words


I'm Still Alive

Apologies for not posting in awhile. I’ve been hit with a string of depression and it’s really gotten me down. But alas today, I’m in a great mood!! 77 more words


The ones that got away.

Let me tell you a little love story, but let me also warn you, this does not have a happy ending…………….At least not yet.

Mark was a pretty mediocre guy, he didn’t look amazing but he didn’t look bad either.He was always very passionate about his dream of being a painter,but as it always happens, no one really believed in him or his dream.Some people even believed him to be crazy or delusional for wanting this and not one of those conventional jobs.But somehow, mark just ignored how people felt about him and he didn’t give up on this dream. 619 more words

Still Alive

I estimate the likelihood of this post being spoiler-worthy as 0.000003%.

That said, if you’re planning on playing the game Portal, don’t watch the video below, because it’s from the end of the game. 70 more words