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Guys, I'm Still Alive.

Hey! I know I haven’t posted in a while. Keeping up with a blog is difficult to do when you are sort of burnt out on ideas. 122 more words

Writing & Blogging

to stay here

In the dull hours you dreamed of ending, but think how you would never
have heard the birds sing above the quiet streets, seen the snow melt as January leans… 145 more words


Checking in.

I believe I am generally on top of things.

Work is okay and is under control, a small miracle considering there are 3 organisations involved, one of which is a circus. 139 more words


The Month, The Year in Review

I have been trying to write this post for a month now. I think this is draft 4, or 5… I’ve lost count.

I’ve been searching for a way to write a post that doesn’t sound negative, or depressed, or tired, or recount a billion unimportant incidents in roundabout fashion. 2,524 more words


Still Alive - Yet another quick update

Hey guys, how is everyone doing? If you guys are still stopping by my blog to see if I’m posting anything, I really appreciate it. If you guys don’t, I totally understand, since I haven’t been posting anything recently. 290 more words


Portal: Still Alive and the Weighted Companion Cube Moment

The Story: Waking up from her stasis bed, Chell hears the voice of GLaDOS, a disembodied mechanical female voice (more below), explaining about the procedures and warnings for a new experiment for Aperture Science Laboratories. 1,460 more words

Video Games

BIGBANG - Blue Simple Guitar Chord

Intro :

F  C  E  Am-G

Verse, Chorus, Bridge :

F  C  E  Am-G

Repeat the chords for the whole song, so simple, right? ^^