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Worst snowboard accident of my life

Steph, my girlfriend, and I had taken a trip up north to waterville valley in New Hampshire. One of my favorite trails is called true grit, it’s a double black Diamond and has a pretty serious drop off. 214 more words


To Be Reminded.

Our family had an odd discussion last night over a vegetarian dinner at an Indian restaurant, after coming back from the temple. She’s troubled with the state of the family. 784 more words



i am here until the ground shifts beneath my feet and the moment sinks into memory, like a stone daughter throws into the sea. i… 64 more words


inside your brain

Let me in and I’ll pull out them thorns. Dive into the folds of your neocortex. The bramble sticking out of your grey matter– with their labels, you fucking OCD freak– make them look like toothpicks with flags. 228 more words


Parlez-vous anglais ? part une

around three weeks ago, i endured a 9 hour plane ride to the jaw-dropping and heart-stopping city of Paris . to say that this city was the most beautiful city i’ve ever explored would honestly be an understatement, and i’d be lying painfully through my teeth if i said the hype wasn’t real. 1,150 more words


Chronic pain

You surge through my veins, giving credence to the ideas of hell. and if you could I’m sure you’d take my heart because you sure do take my breath away. 46 more words