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Let Us Gather in the Woods

Now, as it happened, once upon a timeā€¦ That is to say, I don’t have the time to take to tell you everything. You should know, anyways. 1,963 more words

Still Frames Of Life

When I found myself in love with literature

I don’t normally post reflective entries to my blog, but this week has been a little different for me. So instead of launching straight into fiction, I wanted to share a little bit of background on these short pieces. 1,088 more words

Still Frames Of Life

the storm came (I saw it in my dreams)

Why do they call it the dead of night?

Do the dreams of dreamers not stir the soul?

Or waking will the dreamers cease?

Existence flees, if so. 54 more words

Still Frames Of Life

The Hitters!

“It was too exposed.”

“Like Hell it was! It was perfect.”

“It was too exposed.”

“You said that already. Come on. Let’s celebrate. Dai pivo, pozhalsta!” 1,157 more words

Still Frames Of Life


i watch the weary eyes of men

from whom so many tears have flown,

through whom so many beauties seen

and tragedies endured

while still a gleam… 16 more words

Still Frames Of Life

The sunset that your heart regrets

The clouds all strung
In crimson thread
And gold leaf dappled grey

A faithless man
On streets unknown
Watched shadows cast out day.

His head he bowed, 89 more words

Still Frames Of Life

no more soft rains

Before me a ribbon of violent light: the only reminder that beyond the storming skies the world still knows day.


Still Frames Of Life