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Listen for God's Voice

Listen to Still Small Voice


I enjoy time alone to contemplate and pray. In our busy world, we usually have loads of information coming at us 24/7.   226 more words

Single Mothers

What's on Your Radar for 2018?

Happy New Year! It’s 2018, and I can’t say I have a detailed vision from the Lord for the year—assuming anyone can have such clarity. 215 more words


Grateful For My Gifts

Santa surprised me!  I received gifts for Christmas that I was not expecting.  According to some people, I have not been a good boy because I am not doing what they think I should be doing.  400 more words

The Voice In Me(part 4)-The little big secret. 

Then it told me a little big secret about fear- he said that when I look back at what I considered “my big giant fear” as time goes on, I am not going to like my gullibility because it would be so small and in consequential I could crush it in between my thumbs. 124 more words

"Where was God?"

“Where was God?” It is a question I hear a lot as a Christian when attempting to comfort someone after the loss of a loved one or a horrifying event. 927 more words

Regina's Weekly Blog

Hiking Naked

Every year in the days before my birthday, I make time to remember why I was born. I’ll take a walk in the woods, perhaps a long bath, and spend some hours writing in my journal, seeking to sense more strongly the larger purpose for my life. 1,197 more words

Quaker Faith Today

Infinite Nature of Yourself 1/5

1955 New York Gotham Book Mart Lecture        Photo: Inez Marques
Joel S. Goldsmith
900A – Infinite Nature of Yourself

  JG 1955 – 900A Infinite Nature of Yourself… 1,533 more words