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People like Kenny Conservative (see previous blog) do not trust themselves.  They fear listening to that Still Small Voice inside.  They have trouble expressing their feelings.  311 more words

Still Small Voice - Heeding God's Love Nudges

I want to celebrate the way the Still Small Voice sows a gentle whisper into our hearts that, if He so chooses, has the power to crystallise into a powerful word that echoes across the seas as if amplified by a megaphone. 1,182 more words

Still Small Voice

Prayer 160: Seeking Quietness

Dear God

There are so many voices and most of them worth listening to in some way or other. Sometimes there are so many that my mind is filled to the brim with noise and clutter. 23 more words


Day 140 to revive the spirit of the lowly, and to revive the heart of the contrite.

A turbulent cloud system crept up on me as I wrote the blog last night. Colours were deep orange and almost red at points, you could also see the yellow of the fading son. 444 more words


Shut Up and Go Away!

Don’t know where to begin. It’s that still small voice again.
You know the one:  the one that gets you going like “here
we go again,” not the one that you should turn all the way up, 121 more words

For Those Days

Simple Obedience Can Turn an Ordinary Day Into an Extraordinary One

Writer’s Note: I believe that God loves to show up and show out in the lives of His children. Sometimes it’s in a really big and dramatic way and sometimes it’s in a quiet, subtle way, a little wink from the Creator Himself.

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“Few people actually receive big calls. Most of the calls we receive, and ignore, are the proverbial still small voices that the biblical prophets heard, or the daily calls to pay attention to our intuitions, to be authentic, to live by our own code of honor … The great breakthroughs in our lives generally happen only as a result of the accumulation of innumerable small steps and minor achievements.” ~ Gregg Levoy (Callings)

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