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Never Safe

Thanksgiving brings some bittersweet memories. Twice, now, I have been pregnant at Thanksgiving time. In 2012, I was 14 weeks pregnant; my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house, my in-laws flying in from Ohio. 386 more words


"Is he your first baby?"

Elliot is 8 weeks old

“Is he your first baby?” It’s a question that’s followed me since pregnancy and one I’ve realised I will hear forever now. 893 more words


#sleeponside campaign – likes and gripes

Tommy’s, a charity focused on reducing the worldwide stillbirth rate, just released its new #sleeponside campaign, which aims to inform expectant mothers worldwide that sleeping on your left side during your third-trimester of pregnancy is ideal, while sleeping on your back might significantly increase your stillbirth risk, and I have some opinions on this. 1,520 more words


Why I'm Grateful for My Miscarried Babies

I have eight children. Four of them I get to raise, and four of them were lost before birth. Losing my babies was painful of course. 510 more words


#SleepOnSide and save babies lives

Today, Tommy’s release their new campaign, #SleepOnSide, which aims to empower women to change their sleep position in order to ensure safer pregnancies and to reduce the rates of stillbirth. 932 more words



I’m getting a pedicure and these two women walk in and sit across from me…a few minutes later a bit walks in and everyone just stares at each other. 531 more words


Answers won't bring him back

In a society where there are answers for everything how do you manage when you can find none? When one of the worst things in life happens you expect to get an answer. 673 more words